Is A Pity, but We Are All Responsible In This – Important Read!!

Ever since one Nwafada used me to cart away over 200k from users of this blog in 2015 i’ve been meticulous enough in handling game sellers that come around here.

I shouldn’t be writing this post because it was made clear that the 1k paid for Emperrow game was nonrefundable. But i do it because.

  1. I think some of you acted without paying attention to details.
  2. I am sad because what i should have easily avoided occurred to me.

I shouldn’t have released the amount of money(80k) i sent to Emperrow if not for your pressures.

I noticed for crooked moves in Emperrows words while i chat with him and i decided to take some precautionary measures..

Here’s screenshot of our chats

I initially offered to send him 20k part payment so that i can have enough money left for oart refund if game fails but he refused.. we ended the discussion.

That made him not to send the game until late evening when i started getting hot pressure from you. I now had to increase the offer to 50k, he accepted and started sending games.

After sending halfway, he stopped. He complained that the money has finished per head based on what he gives his India ancestors and demanded for extra 30k for him to continue. I told him to continue or forget it. He refused. We went to bed.

On waking up to power my phone(the battery died in the night), i saw over hundred text messages from those that are yet to receive the game… Of which majority of the texts were abusive. I came to the blog here and also met various abusive comments. All from those that are yet to get Emperrow’s supposed India game. I felt heart broken because those that i was fighting for actually care less about me.

I had no other choice than to release the fund he demanded for to him.


That was it.. 80k gone…. I cannot go and be pursuing Emperow… however, if you need to pursue and catch him, i believe you have his details he used to send you game.


Well, in as much as it was capped nonrefundable before you paid, i and on mind to give half refund(you can see in the shared screenshot) if things turn out ugly.

However, the amount of money Emperrow abscorned with has jeopardized that. I can only afford to refund N300 after deducting my already tampered admin fee.

If you need it, kindly text me your phone number and i’ll recharge your phone with 300naira.. or yo can kukuma do Xmas for me with it..

Either ways.. I am okay.

ABOUT EMPERROW… What happens To Him In SolutionTipster?

His and his related ID has been banned.

ABOUT NAP MARKET….. What’s The Way Forward.

It will remain there.. No closing. See it as pools weekly telegraph where nap sellers advertise their games.

Anything can happen and your decision is solely your full responsibility.

I will rewrite the TOS in more bold and clearer terms tomorrow.


Put Straight……………….

People will never stop buying games even after experience.

Try to stop them from buying, some will call you enemy of progress. It happened when i removed one Mtchel phonenumber and recently Mr Philips… i got few texts from people condemning me for truncating phone numbers. Some thing i know that will only lead to loss.

I’ll rather let them buy in the nap market so that i’ll get nap market fee. We are about to upgrade this blog to a 60$(20k) per month host plan to stop that resource limit error it normally displays.. that market fee is important.


Your Choice to visit or ignore for peace of mind.

Finally, if you paid for mike’s game, please seek  for your refund if you haven’t. I don’t want to use anyone’s money for xmas..

PS.. Please forgive for any typo in the writeup..  i am feeling dizzy already.






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