A Call For Help – Be Your Brother’s Keeper.

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Good Day Solutiontipster Family.

Our Very Own Brother (Pools Archive) Who Is Also A Notable Member Of This Blog And Has Been Providing Selflessly Free Contribution To Ensure A General Success Of Every Member Of This Blog Is In Dire Need Of Our Attention To Save His Young Wife’s Life. She Was Diagnosed of Breast Cancer And The Family Have Sweat More Than They Could Afford, Yet It Is Not Enough.

It Took Me Weeks To Convince Him To Try This Option Since He’ve Almost Exhausted All The Options At His Disposal.  Our Brother Needs Us. Nothing Is Too Small.

Here’s His Words As Sent To Me…

Greetings to you all both the members and followers of this first-choice sport betting blog. To the admin, I will like to say a big thank you for your ingenuity and the great opportunity you provide here for people to connect to one another.

I want to use this channel to appeal to the kind hearts of everyone associated with the good works going on here. It will be unfair for me to be in the midst of a group as vibrant as this one and allow things to go awry with me.

My story is that of one who is on the verge of losing a loved one to the cold hands of death. Matter is worse in this situation because the ugly possibility can be prevented if the right measures are taken.

My very dear love got diagnosed with breast cancer and had successfully gone through the surgery to treat it. Her recovery process has been excellent. The doctors say a regime of further treatments are required to keep her alive and safe from recurrence.

Our families and friends have done wonderfully well but much more is still needed.

Like a little drops of water they say makes a mighty ocean;A donation of more or less than 1000NGN from that sister who has faith in the fight against cancer maybe well appreciated. Another from that brother who shares a sister’s pains is welcome as well. How about a show of love from that husband who appreciates  the fact that breast cancer is an enemy of love? From that father who will not want to see a daughter in pains, your contribution may go a long way to ease this one and save a life.

To all please keep the watch and help spot out signs of cancer on the breast and deal with it before it start demanding for life.

Please if you are touched to extend your help in this regard do reach admin for his account and he will keep me up to date with your contributions

Thank you all in anticipation.
Thank you admin for welcoming me here.
Long live www.solutiontipster.com
Long live everyone here.


First Bank – 3081088800

Name – Igwilo Raphael

After Payment… Please text me your name and purpose of payment.. i will relay to Pools Archive.. He will text you acknowledgement text for your donation. I wanted them to use their account but he preferred it this way to save some privacy.

Please Help In Anyway you can, this is not coming from a regular beggar… It’s rather serious.

God Bless

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  1. BUCHAI says:


  2. Ahmed Abubakar says:

    Oh, my goodness. Pools Archive is a Gentleman by any standard of measurement and I have high respect for him. May God give every one of us the means and the courage to assist. I wish her a very speedy recovery process.

  3. the cappo says:

    My regards to the admin and the house. I saw this just now and l am deeply touched. This is a gentleman who weekly doles out games without demanding for a penny from anyone. Let us rise to the occasion and bail him out. May the lord repay you bountifully. Thanks.

  4. Mozart33 says:

    Am just seeing this. One if us in need.
    Please house let us all respond to thus clarion call.
    It could be any of us any time.

    I had give out my NAP mean from the nap market freely, lets all have him in mind in our wins this week.

    I have started mine, what about you…

  5. It’s so amazing to feel loved the way I am right now. I broke down in tears, full of joy this morning when the admin gave me a call saying he has received some donations if he should forward to me.
    I can clearly see a ray of hope. This team is unbreakable,your response has gone to prove that mountains can actually crumble with unity of purpose. In the words of big bro Onyeka Fes Mart ‘we will get there!’ I SEE HOPE.
    @buchai God bless you
    @ahmed abubakar Thank you
    @cappo You are indeed an elder
    @mozat What a motivation! You were superb with 18xxx last week. I almost got tempted to murder it. Thank God I chose to keep my resolution on game killing.
    To all who have sent admin some funds,I will to say we are grateful, your rewards will be many.
    To as many who are making efforts to reachout to us,we pray for you and you will surely hear our song of victory.

    To all,I am convinced that together we will conquer this death.
    @admin,I am short of words.

    • Stanley says:

      God is i in control my brother, that death is defeated in jesus name amen, by next week let me see what i can do. I just saw it.

  6. DK says:

    @ Pools Archive, I just came across ur clarion call, U will hear from me

  7. Don Sheka says:

    Admin I don’t have physical cash at the moment to give but I wish someone will play this game of about 2000 odds at bet9ja and raise money for him. First game played draw yesterday, remaining 6 games now to be played today. Admin allow to pass through.

  8. Don Sheka says:

    Here’s the bet9ja code 62RLTDQ

  9. Fesmart - Onyeka says:

    Oh my goodness! What a touching news. I just opened ds thread now only to see ds. Well, d first thing I wl tell u, my broda is to calm down & put urself 2geda as a man. Whatever d situation of ur belovd wife is right now, d almighty Father is in perfect control of it. I remember it’s nt so long ago u told me abt ur wedding. I feel so touched to hear ur newly married wife is facing ds kind of ugly situation. My broda, wt d power of supreme God, I decree untimely death wl never locate ur home. She is healed in Jesus name. As for d financial challenges, God wl surely surprise u. Meanwhile, I wl do sumtin to support u, my dear. Take care, and quick recovery to ur beloved wife..

  10. Ufosky says:

    @Pool Achieve Have faith we are praying for her. God will surely show mercy & her healing will be permanent, her case is a small one for God to handle, I join my faith with the 7 elders cancer disappear right now in Jesus name of Nazareth. Amen!!!!!!!

  11. Mike says:

    God will heal her totally. This is really a harrowing experience for our brother. As a medical Expert I know what it takes to come out with a total clean bill of health in issues relating to cancer. Nonetheless, you should be grateful to God that it was detected early.
    I pray that God shall empower us to assist meaningfully.

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