Week 15 Pool Results: Football Pools Betting Results

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Week 15 Pool Results














Week 15 Pool Results

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Congrats to All Winners In The House

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  1. JUDITH says:

    GOD bless u mmm.av bin playing ur games all tru this sison but av bin loosing but tank GOD for this 4/5 winning this wk15.GOD bless u mmm and the admi as well.u will hear from me on monday afta i collect my winnings

  2. czar says:

    Jega pls where ar u?
    Sm1 shuld explain wat hapnd to cambridge at home system.i lost 1.1 million dat am suposd to win cus of it.the game has been goin on for 2 weeks nd no.7 jst killed it,nd it was d last game.am dumb founded its stil unbelievable.dis system has been working since week 5,so wat hapnd
    Admin console me pls

  3. Sunny says:

    17 to be added here tomorrow by God’s grace, Amen.

  4. Trust in God says:

    Oyibo, hmmmmmmmmmm

  5. Ime etang says:

    Congrats to all who made use of my super pair, 42 weds 46 as 42 played out a 1-1 draw. Attention Admin, with due respect, here is my performance, week 13 = 32 weds 45xx; week 14 = 9xx weds 49; week 15 = 42xx weds 46. I hope i deserve ur reward, thanks in anticipation.

    • It depends on whether you were proving them

      • Ime etang says:

        With due respect, Admin, u could recall that i posted 5 weds 35 as my week 15 Bob Morton unbeatable pair without prove and it still delivers which u did not approve. That prompted me to change and post a pair from Special Advance Movement wherein its prove is short. So what am saying in essence is that proving or no proving, as long as they keep delivering, i think its ok. What if the proves are meticulous and so soul comforting @ the end the banker or pair fails? Thanks for ur time.

  6. emperrow says:

    my banker 41 deliver.wk14 was 29bk n dis wk 15 was 41 which i posted to every body to u. next wk d birmingham key will stil bring one bk again. i thank God for not allow my 10k dat i use to stake d one bk to lost. next wk i wil double my stake

  7. Ochmann says:

    Kora abi na qarah….no b small tin. It is well.

  8. Godsfavour Adam says:

    I give all the glory to God for wisdom as I gave out pair since week 13 that has been supplying 2/2.
    week 13:41xxp48xx
    week 14:35xx36xx
    week 15:11xx28xx.
    pool no be by muscle or arrogant talk. no be my power, na grace dey work for me because no be me forecast pass. Oga admin. 7 gbosa for you.
    I dey go sabbatical till I am loaded again for another 3 weeks operation.

  9. MMM says:

    For once i can breath well on a saturday night.nap ff27ff 37xx42 perm wit x26x38x to make it 4/5..congratulations to those that kept faith in my games..cos am sure those dat av bin playing ma games some of dem go don park go village(lol) coz of excesive loses.time to return to the city cos the magic continues. every wk16 since 2014/2015 oldham,,colhester and mansfield all 3 to die for other teams to be alive(draw).stay hooked to solution tipster u wont miss ur way in wk16.

    • Michael Oblechor says:

      Man, pool is dangerous to wealth & d fear of it is the beginning of wealth. Hv tried & seen it all. Full stop before man kpeme. . Maybe, not my calling.. Tks Admin, am everly loyal.

    • Waleylagboy says:

      pls I don’t understand how this works bro, can u play put me through

  10. masterp says:

    @ mmm Mansfield will draw this week

  11. DaCapo says:

    Gods Favour Adam, Please don’t enter pool market as it has killed many people. I wish you will post week 16 here for us.

  12. Estimable says:

    Admin, remember what I told u, I have one CBK for week 16 that I want to present in d experts Forum.
    What are d procedures ?

  13. Akeem says:

    Pls God’s favour Adam kindly chat me up via whatsap or text me you line mine is 08066737097

  14. Daddy'spet says:

    My Adorable Admin, Thanks 4 Ur Word Of Encouragement, I Would Have Change My Banker Again Bt Ur Words Last Week At Champion List Sink To My Memory, God Bless U…

  15. Fesmart - Onyeka says:

    I must confess; this season is really getting tougher. These pple (Kora) have noticed dt a lot of sharp brains are now into d game. It is no longer the era of d old men alone. Now both old & young, mama & papa, brothers & sisters, even Phd holders are all involved in pools business. As a result, a lot of things are going either way. But all d same, we must keep doing our best to get there someday. Never give up.

  16. chi45 says:

    @ Mr Godsfavour, Pls Sir I need your contact/help & here’s mine (07031332694) how I wish I’v known this blog & you, wouldnt have lost much like this bc am new here

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