Week 13 Pool Results: English Football Pools Betting

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Week 13 Pool Results















Week 13 Pool Results

Draws On Coupon

Congrats To All Winners

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  1. Ochmann says:

    Thanks my honourable Admin. u are a man of ur words.

  2. ochmann you have done it again. my man more grace you too much. if we four people like you in this house I tell you the would be great. keep it ?

  3. Ochele says:

    Ohcmann congrats

    I’m in need of your banker this week 14

    After carefully watching your game for 2 weeks .I will love to have your banker and appreciate you

    Thanks in advance

  4. afam says:

    Mr.Ochman,ur good.Will give u n the house one genuine banker with proof in WK 14 .

  5. Sunny says:

    We Have Good Good People Here, Just Dat We Lack Confidence In Ourselves. I Gave 41 & 45 On Fb As Bankers And They Delivered.

  6. TOM says:


  7. Obas123 says:

    Good bad and the ugly. My banker 22xxx was paneled draw as predicted .Let look forward to WK 14.

  8. ansa jonathan says:

    @admin, wk12 12xxbanker wk13 41xxbanker, i hope u are ready to send me my 2k airtime this wk14? trust me.

  9. My pair 39ffffpair40xxx delivered!

  10. Chrysolite says:

    Foundation 911 congrate bro…….ah sight u too!!!!!

    U guys are doing well

    remember me this week14

  11. Ehikris says:

    Brought 12xxxx as a banker and a line of 9xx12xxx 21ff28fff.

  12. Cletus says:

    pls admin, any other result

  13. PapaChina says:

    And 12 too.

  14. Pls admin, i need al details on hw to b one of ur ful member here

  15. chukwuemeka says:


  16. Josep says:

    Please am new here joseph by name, please can I have draw game this week so that I can join d testy fyin group this my first time

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