Dry Meat – Only For Men: Pls Don’t Open If You Are Weak..


I made up my mind not to present this kind of opportunity any longer in this site because of the misconception i perceive on the side of few people among us.

But, because, it has always been my earnest wish to help in anyway i could, i had to accept the request from one of us here to pioneer the pursuit of yet another promising opportunity. See the screenshot below..

One of the leading papers(i will reveal in full to participants) in pools forecast is set to release their ultimate game of the season for anyone who cares to win.. and it goes for N30,000. The brother who made the request seeks for additional 5 persons(like minds) who will contribute N5,000 each to make up the 30k.

He asked that it will be done with my account so that everyone will feel comfortable. I will then pay for the game, and send across to the 6 of you.

Money must be complete Latest by Friday noon to enable me pay and get the game that Friday.

Please if you are interested, kindly pay the sum of N5,000 to

First Bank – 3081088800

Name – Igwilo Raphael

After deposit or transfer, text your name, amount paid and purpose of payment to 08174943732. i will reply you.

P.S. Even if i get only 4 persons, i will make up with my money and we go on. Secondly, once i get 5 persons i will stop. If you want it, act fast.

P.P.S.. We don’t need to sugarcoat anything… let the lion heats alone go it.

P.P.P.S.. I will send you every details of the transaction for clarification purpose.








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