Ante Post Betting Explained…. Some Hidden Benefits

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Ante Post Betting Explained….

Nowadays, Ante Post Betting is rarely used by bettors due to the growing competitiveness of the betting industry.  Most bookies now offer Ante Post odds with money back guarantee if the event do not take place. Example, in the event where the odd you back encountered an evil scenario which prevents it from happening.

Nevertheless,  Ante Post allows you to bet higher odds and earlier avoiding the unforeseens that might erupt while trying to bet at the dying minute.

Therefore, it’s of paramount importance to provide you with some valuable knowledge you need about Ante Post Betting.

Ante Post is the term giving to a bet placed at least one day before the match event takes place.

The whole theory of ante post betting is that you get bigger odds than you would expect on the actual day of the event – but, and this is why bookmakers can offer bigger odds, you lose your money, if for any reason your horse pulls out, and does not run.

Normally, you would expect that the earlier you bet on any match, the bigger the odds, as the risk of injury, or change of plans over a longer period escalates the danger of withdrawal.

As mentioned earlier, some bookmakers do offer ante post non runner cashback, but you will only get that insurance pretty close to the match day when prices have settled.

You can also take each way odds at ante post prices.


You can also do ante post doubles – but understand, that if one event of your double does not occur, your win double is lost.

Sometimes a big match may, for weather reasons usually, be postponed and moved to another date – if this occurs, your bet is not lost, but carries forward to the new date of event.

If a race is declared void, and not re-match, all bets are returned.

Regards matches that are postponed and played later, bookmakers may offer their punters some leeway. If for example, the match is moved to another stadium, new entries allowed, or the surface changes. This rarely happens, and in the past, the bookmakers have treated their customers fairly, and you can often choose whether to let your bet stand or claim back a refund.

You will not get paid if you take an ante post bet that has a bearing on another ante post bet. So, for example, if you back a team on ante post to win a big Derby match, and also do in a double, the same team, to win the Derby. You can do 2 single bets at those odds and get paid, but the first winning bet influences the odds that should apply to the second part of bet. The bookmaker will pay you out on double – but not as much as you were expecting!.

You cannot place only bets, or forecasts, and similar bets at ante post odds.

Ante post bets are not so popular as in years gone by, but still have a place in punters options when betting on the big match events.

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