3 Evergreen Rules To Win Football Bets Often (part 2)

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This is part two – you can read the apart one here for better understanding

Two – only ever back the favourites odds – Single Bets Only

You need to win regularly as your football bets will be big – by that i mean to your normal bets, and what is big to one punter may be small to another – but no more of those small interest novelty soccer bets that will not get you into the big time when betting on football.

Why favourites?

Well, some of those big prices look attractive, but by and large they will not win often enough to keep you in the betting mood if you lose a consecutive number of bets – you must keep winning regularly with a view to increasing your stakes – your ambitions must be raised continually and you will only be able to do this if winning regularly.

The attractive prices are about evens to just better than 1.50 odds.

Rarely take more than evens – the bookmaker’s oddsmakers will do the donkey work for you and anything over about evens is risky, unless you are certain it is a good wager, but rarely take these odds against bets – this will leave you just a handful of matches to consider with the good favourites easy to find.

Rarely take shorter than 1/2 – anything above this and it will be hard to get back on track if backing a loser – you want to be in a position where 2 out of 3 bets leaves you in front and you can increase your bets,3 out of 3 and you are really motoring and can continue to increase your bets relentlessly and aggressively.


This is important – I am not saying you bet every home side between 1.50 odds and evens – some of those bets will be excellent value, and some will be shockers to bet – can’t help you there. The thing is, do a thorough analysis of the picks with favorite odds and choose the best one or two for your bet.

Three – Only Bet in League Matches – Single Bets Is The Best

Never bet in cup, friendlies or international matches – cup matches are often a game between the reserves or squad players who do not normally play.

International games are impossible to predict particularly when the group stages are already decided and the football matches are meaningless and often used for trying out new tactics and the result less crucial.

You must restrict your football bets to the domestic football leagues, wherever you bet or are located.

Corruption is rare in football, but if you only bet on top games this aspect will be removed altogether.

To sum up,take the best odds available and stick to these evergreen rules – home side only when betting on 1×2 – back only the favourites odds to win – league games only – only bet in singles or at most, doubles – and you should certainly cut any losses you are making now, and greatly enhance any winnings you are currently making in football betting.

If you stick to 3 evergreen rules it is almost impossible to exhaust your betting pot.

if you are shrewd punter the bets you make will grow and grow until you are betting big


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