How To Possibly Win Every Weekend In SolutionTipster

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5 Weekly Best Games…………….. How You Can Win Every Week.

Greetings Everyone…

Please pay close attention. I will be precise enough.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been trying to figure out the best possible means through which we can bring constant winning to this platform. At least to those who can support the idea.

Here’s my idea – I’ll love to know your opinion before deciding what to do next.

We will form an Expert group here in the blog.

Right in the group, we will accept bankers from only 5 persons each week.

Anyone who decide to submit his banker in the group for the week will pay the sum of N1,000 to admin’s bank account for us to know he truly believe in the banker…

Then, if the banker delivers, he will receive the sum of N5, 000 as prize for his banker that delivered. But if it fails, he will forfeit his 1k. The 1k commitment is to ensure only those with trusted banker show up. The person will also have access to bankers from other four people that posted theirs.

There’s no criterion for choosing who will post in the Expert’s group any week. The first 5 persons to send their 1k commitment fee to the admin win the slot each week.

The N5, 000 reward will motivate anyone to participate while the N1, 000 commitments will scare fakers away. This will make the 5 games submitted each week to deliver winning line quite often.

Now.. We need to raise money which will be used to reward those that their bankers deliver each week. We are looking at possible N25,000 weekly.

Thus, we will fix membership fee for anyone who will be willing to access this games provided by these confident gurus each week.

Haven thoroughly analyzed every possible condition i could think of, i thought we should set a N1500 weekly access fee or N5,000 monthly access fee for anyone that wish to join the group.


One week access fee – N1,500

One month access fee – N5,000

The bankers will be posted in the group area by the weekly contributors. Every other person will have to login to view the games..

I will like to know your opinion about the idea… If i get 20 go aheads… i will implement it.

Kindly comment..

We must stop the promoters


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  1. udeme says:

    Admin, I really support the idea, it is a perfect one

    • prosper says:

      Admin I support the idea.infact if they support there game with #1,000 to get #5000 is good.then we to me is to pay #1,000 weekly and #5,000 monthly.

  2. Ruby says:

    Good afternoon our honourable Admin. May your Wisdom continue to increase all day. I must say this is a perfect idea…Too many games in the banker room has turned many including me into confusion and regular loosing… But if this subscription fee can be reduced to #500 a week and #2000 a month while the punters’ pay can be #3000 for now. And as time goes on, as the winning lines become better, fees and reward could be increased without panics….please hear my cry and plea. Please boss. Thanking you in anticipation of your positive consideration. Reuben….08138539248

    • no… we punters pay need be 5000 or above… they need tasty motivation to work hard

      • Luvday says:

        Nice Idea Admin.u made an impressing motive.
        The 5k reward is a whooping and enticing amount to give out..on a second thot do we not think that there will be a rush in the payment of 1k to qualify as a member in the guru’s list.perhaps those that fall as externals(people who will have to pay before viewing the premium page) may feel cheated paying more to view when they can pay lesser to participate as a member in d guru’s list.it will incite their feelings wanting more to partake in ur magnanimity exercise thereby generating traffics of willing participants weekly..

        I Suggest those who qualified weekly in the “Bankers ” champions list “ONLY” (precisely without defaulting the rules) will be selected as candidates the following week in the proposed guru’s list while those that do not qualify becomes external members who will have to pay A certain amount to view the premium page probably 2k or 3k at least it will go a long way to appreciate the gurus…just a suggestion nt perfct tho

        Lets discuss

        • thanks for your suggestion bro..

          Last thing we tried this expert stuff.. we selected people from the champions list but it didn’t go so well..

          …then. I realized that someone may have strong banker and do well this week but won’t have good banker the upper week.. Two, we don’t want to put anyone under undue pressure to perform.

          That’s my reason for making it a voluntary stuff.. But the person must commit N1000 to validate his strong believe in the banker he is submitting for the week. Anyone without a very strong banker will not want to risk the 1k. We Need Only Someone Without Unshakable believe in his banker to participate any week

          As for people rushing into it, it’ll only happen for a few time (that’s if it does).

          Finally… there are many people that view the site but never writes comment. Majorty of them do not forecast. but they are willing to sacrifice in order to win.. They will join.

          • Tommieson says:

            Admin i hale u, and i 2 support this ur noble and wonderful idea. This will show how truly u believe in urself and the banker u’re releasing in the platform.

  3. Ahmed Abubakar says:

    This is a noble idea and I wholeheartedly support its implementation.

  4. Uche ngwa says:

    Admin,thoughtful of you for this noble idea, may ur ink never dry, the way bankers are been thrown up in the bankers room looks childish,i am in support of u, please the subscription fee should be a bit reduced for the less privileged, bcos the aim of this blog is to empower the masses, thanks again for the idea, I am in.

    • yes bro… i thought of reducing it(for instance, 500)… but then.. what happens if the 5 bankers all delivered? would i be to realize the 25k to pay out that week?

      It just depends on the number of person to join the group.. Let’s see first

  5. Bryan Ernest says:

    Admin this proposal is commendable, let’s give it a shot. Am in. The price tag is worth it. This shows you’re a good team player. Well done Admin.

  6. It won’t curb posting fake game. Can d five persons also post d same game on d banker room for those that would not be able to pay to access d blog?

    • no.. they won’t post it in banker room… can you explain why it won’t curb posting fake games please?

      • Luvday says:

        Another reasonable thot pls. what if the 5 bankers are similar in a situation the 5 contributors have similar games that can nt deliver a winning line.



      • Trust in God says:

        Admin I’m interested please. Include me if you have perfected the arrangements

  7. PROF2020 says:

    I am in. The Idea is wonderful and make lot of sense and even the price too is worth it at least for a start

  8. Thankgod says:

    Admin am happy with your idea because I have spent all my little money to be winning at least once in a month but all prove abortive so I concur to the idea only that you should reduce the monthly subscription please I need help and so do others.thanks bro

  9. Mc nap says:

    To me is good idea and those people must support it with proof for us to have mind to invest not just to drop any number .I support the idea atleast this will reduce all those fake game seller .Admin God will continue to use u to save Nigeria staker. God bless u all

  10. Ochmann says:


    I want to commend you on this idea. It is quite thoughtful of you. It simply shows that you care about the stakers who lose money weekly to promoters/bookies. This blog is a “pretty lady”. I have loved her since I first met her. All sorts of fellas come here on the side looking for what this “lady” has to offer and it has been mixed fortunes.

    As the Admin, I can hear you talking loud, I can’t hear it. I am curious and I’m serious because this is about money. This is a BILLION DOLLAR industry and with better ways or ideas of getting draws we will make good millions. A lot of money has really gone into this and people want to recover and make more money.

    Thousands visit this “pretty lady” on a daily basis to see what she can offer and I must confess that I love her, she’s my favourite and we got a thick bond. This innovation will bring more consistent winning. It is a “YES” for me. I honourably and sincerely give you a 100% “GO AHEAD”.#happyPUNTING…..Ochmann

    • Ochmann says:

      @TheAdmin @theGREATblogMembers…..

      Re: Let’s be serious. This is “BIZNESS”

      N3,000 should be paid by anybody putting up his/her banker and the reward should be N15,000 when the banker plays. This would enable serious business minded guys with authentic pools info come out with their secrete draws. Let us take a clue from Final Result’s perfomance in week 11. He was f*****g damn 100% sure of xx43xx and even bet his life on it and honestly such victory deserves more than N1,000,000 reward.

      The banker room activities will still go on as usual but this “EXCLUSIVE ZONE” should be for those who can afford it, no apologies. The monthly subscription should be N5,000 and weekly-N1,500. With this we will do a lot in a short time. Even if we don’t come up with 3 draws in a week, we can play one or two draws online and stake heavily….its still money made. I am not trying to sound insensitive here but think deeply and y’all will see its a win-win situation.


      • yes.. you are right..

        Your suggestion is quite nice….

        ..but i think.. someone might have a banker like that of final result last week and won’t have up to 3k to submit..

        We’ll rather do 2k to get 10k prize

        • Ochmann says:

          Thanks for understanding me. I really appreciate. People think pools is for children…I no wan talk pass this

        • Ochmann says:

          @Admin…re: my last comment on this issue.

          I fell so in love with this idea. Since I saw this, I have been like “this is d real deal”, If this blog wants to take it to another level for WINNINGS to be more consistent. I have been waiting for the day this whole thing will move from the Nursery into d real field-bizness of pools. Pools is about risk and with the right info, it is risk well taken.

          We should have gone far beyond the honeymoon, past the infatuation phase and right into the thick & thin of what pools is all about, that is, “BIG TIME RISK TAKING”, with all its seriousness. At times I get sick of losing and I bet we all do but the question is…”do we continue like this?” keep the answer to yourself. Be truthful to yourself, not me.

          Honestly, just take a clue from Final Result last week. If anyone sincerely has a real banker weekly he/she can go the extra mile and pay the N3,000 to gain N15,000. If I don’t truly have a real banker, I will stay away for that week or subscribe N1,500. It seems like we argue here everyday without forging ahead but we still got room left to grow.

          We can make this thing work but if we want it to be just an ordinary pools blog, its our choice.

  11. This is a good idea but #1k for commitment fee is too small it should be 2k & the person gain 3k it ok by me.What will happen to the 1.5 if game did not meet up with 3/5? that is my opinion Sir.

  12. moon says:

    what will happen to those who pay 1500 less the games don’t deliver

  13. johnsoncaleb says:

    please my first time in this group,
    my suggestion is that, to minimize promoters agents here and can not guys , before your banker will be approve you will pay #500 or #1000, the people that their bankers delivers/played will share the money given the admin at least 20% of it.

  14. Dante says:

    with this idea, what’s the need for the banker room?? can’t u do something that would make the banker room more productive??
    stop posting games without proves, I think u should start from there Mr admin

  15. HENRY says:


  16. this is a welcome development,i support the idea but i plead for the subsciption fee be reduce to 1k weekly,let the banker winners be paid 4k each that his banker delivered.thanks admin fr the idea u brought…winning is sure this week.

  17. the cappo says:

    My regards to the admin and the house. This is quite thoughtful of you. Thanks access fee is equally o. k.. But l want to add that the bankers should be submitted with prove to really stimulate members. I am in as s.oin as it takes off. Probably this week.

  18. Ejiks says:

    Onyeisi, this is good idea but my concern is the monthly subscription fee, for now reduce it to 2500, let’s test run it and see how it goes, let it not be like the formal top room. For the reward peg it at 15,000 first, let’s see how it goes.

  19. Allenworld says:

    Nation builder….nyc move…I think d 500naira for a start Wkly is fair and for us to realizes d 25k for d 5person banker, we need to stake with the 5k…..if it delivers 3 over 5…then we have d 25k to give to those that their bankers delivers……just my take…..all hail nation builder….. One luv…

  20. Mar4God says:

    Paying #1500 weekly or #5000 per month to access the proposed experts group is not a problem but..the said experts to deliver is the major challenge bass on what happen last season..that’s my view

    • Ochmann says:

      U have talked well. The said “EXPERTS” will have N3,000 to lose and N15,000 to gain and that’s reasonable enough for anyone who sincerely has a “real banker” weekly.

        • Alex2precy says:

          If the price money is N15,000 and a risk of losing N3,000, why should I post it here and not work into a bet9ja office, play the banker N3,000 and win about N16,ooo? Someone suggested that the Price should be N5,o00 that is higher than bet9ja while the price to post be N1,000. Another suggested Experts commit N2,000 to win N10,000… am in support of this because the prize is attractive and higher than bet9ja. As for the viewing price, I think N1,000 per week will not be a bad idea. Thanks

  21. STALON says:


  22. Stanley says:

    Thanks admin for this wonderfu idea, it shows that you care for every one accessing this great blog. I think that the arrangment so far is ok, i fully support the idea, so i am moving a motion that the implementation of this idea starts now!!…

  23. Samuel says:

    ADMIN YOUR IDEA IS VERY GOOD. Just kickoff, as for me I’m interested.
    If you can reduce the fee please do, and that will be a huge blessing to your people.
    My concern is that the banker room is one of the most intresting page on this site, I beg you to try and make the banker room still interesting so that good forecasters can still use that medium to showcase their forecasting ability. Pls let this new idea not stop its flow in any way.

  24. fred5005 says:

    Good idea…let’s give it a try. I am in.


    It’s a welcome idea admin, I support it 100%!!!

  26. Evanny says:

    Nice one admin, my question is dis, if after d 5 person had drop their bankers, can any other person still drop his…. Concerning d fee involved both subscription & payout, try to harmonize both to d benefits of d public, I support dis great idea, thank u sir.

  27. Omeogo says:


  28. Admin God will bless you with this great idea and wonderful opportunity that you bring to your people it’s mean that you have see what happen here to your people, truly you are a leader am in..

  29. Estimable says:

    People have aired their views, If there is any contrary opinion, let their be voting,
    I stick with five people donating 3k and their bankers, and winning 15k.
    Then to veiw d proves, u pay 1k weekly.
    No need for long talks, its a new week let it begin.

  30. Hafiz says:

    Greetings to the Admin, This is welcome idea please go ahead.

  31. Tee-man says:

    nice one admin, am in support, bless you

  32. Show says:

    Admin good morning please this is a very good idea I support it wholeheartedly but the price for members to access the site can be reduced to 1k someone suggested that part of the contribution can be used to play the game and reward raised for the banker supplier. This is my take.

  33. Apocalypse says:

    Nice Idea. This Banker, is it everyday? What is the minimum odd for each tipster? can it be made up of accumulated games?

  34. moses35 says:

    Nice idea. I give my support wholeheartedly.

  35. Ahmed Abubakar says:

    The Admin has made it categorically clear that there is no criteria for selecting the five people who will post in the Expert’s group. However, I am of the opinion that the Admin should also devise strategies that would ensure that Bad Eggs do not infiltrate the Group to deliberately cause havoc by posting fake games to the delight of promoters. They can pay any amount to be able to post games. There is need to put in place a selection process that looks at the potentials and antecedents of those to be selected. My best personal regards.

  36. Ahmed Abubakar says:

    The Admin has made it categorically clear that there is no criteria for selecting the five people who will post in the Expert’s group. However, the selection shouldn’t be opened to every Dick, Tom and Harry. I am of the opinion that the Admin should also devise strategies that would ensure that Bad Eggs do not infiltrate the Group to deliberately cause havoc by posting fake games to the delight of promoters. They can pay any amount to be able to post games. There is need to put in place a selection process that looks at the potentials and antecedents of those to be selected. My best personal regards.

    • Thanks Ahmed.. There’s sense in your contribution.

      I’m still thinking of how we can set the selection criteria.

      I made it open for everyone because I believe somebody can get a banker somewhere which he can’t prove but trust the source 100%… The person might not a a regular contributor here.. If that banker should give us winning, should we reject it?

      As for promoters coming to disrupt us.. Truth is.. Them too are against themselves. And we stakers don’t bet at the same promoter office

  37. Obas123 says:

    Great Admin, pls don’t just take any five persons without any performance history, just because he paid the N1,000 fees. This is to ensure the 100% wining line feasible. Ensure proper evaluation.

  38. Fesmart - Onyeka says:

    Quite a welcome idea. There’s no point beating about the bush. Let’s start with a commitment fee of N2,000 to gain a reward of N10,000. Then d subscription shld be N1,000 wkly. To me, raising d reward tag to N15,000 against d N3,000 commitment fee might not augur well. Now let’s assume dt d 5 bankers deliver, and it is only 40 persons subscribed for d wk. What happens? N15000 x 5 = N75,000. N1000 x 40 = N40,000. Then, N75000 – N40000 = N35,000 debt. Who wl pay it? Now, if d subscription fee is to be raised to either N1500 or N2000 in order to meet up wt ds, how many persons can afford it. U can see what some persons are saying already, ‘reduce, reduce,..’. It’s true some of d bankers might fail, making d total amount for d reward to come down. But any wise business person must always try as much as possible to set up certain back-up strategies, in case it goes d other way. So, ds particular deal here is like politics. It’s a game of number. There4, it would be better wt start wt d little amounts suggested above so dt a gud number of people can queue in for it. That’s my take. Tanx everyone; especially d Boss in d houz.

    • anyway.. if we reduce to 1k.. the reward will be 1k 5k..

      i know how things be for solution… somehow somehow.. even the admin is OYO.. i’ll accept what i can afford to pay winners for the start..

      How things pan out will determine the way forward..

      personally i need the reward to increase more..

      • Fesmart - Onyeka says:

        That’s still ok. The whole can be upgraded as time goes on, depending its progress just like u said. Tank u.

      • Fesmart - Onyeka says:

        That’s still ok. The whole thing can be upgraded as time goes on, depending its progress just like u said. Tank u.

  39. Mmm says:

    Nice idea admi.1k from 5 persons =5000.admi to stake dat 5k 3 from 5 on nairabet.if u get 3/5 for the wk u can pay 3 of the gurus then 4rm subscription u get the rest 10k..if the game fails say 2/5 it also means u are looking for same 10k to pay 2 guru.it therfor means what u are lookin for is minimum 10000 a wk plus ur comision for al ur work…To increase payout for gurus,gurus game must deliver 4/5 or 5/5,,,,4/5 is 45000,,,,5/5 is 150000..what it means is any guru is praying for a second guru banka to deliver to get an increase reward.d diference between these 5 gurus and ur paid expert group of last sison is that these 5 are goin to be loosing somtin if their games ain’t playing…al said i feel subscription shud stay @1k for the masses(people don loose die) per wk.i knw atleast 12 persons wil subscribe every wk..for prooves, i dont tink it shud be a factor,a man is placing is 1k on the line that is “proof”..how do u pick 5 persons?that is the biggest question for the house.my Opinion

    • no criterion for picking the 5 persons any week.. the 1k commitment shows that the person is damn serious..

      your analysis, what about the week it plays 1/5?

      Anyway… i’m confident i can carry on paying the gurus for atleast two months whether lose or gain..

      We just have to start and see what happens.. We can then seek amendment

    • Emmy says:

      You made a good point

  40. Mmm says:

    If the game play 1/5 it means u are paying JUST 5000 naira from subscription to one expert..

  41. Ify Sunday says:

    Admin thanks for your effort. I pray that this motion will pass through 1st and 2nd reading in this honourable house of assembly.blog. I am in suppport of your effort. Thanks

  42. Bilal says:

    All well and said, my take on this is for us to be considerate of stakers. If I’m subscribing for games, that means I will be staking higher. So when I loose, I loose the subscription fee and also my stakes (that’s 2-way-loss, considering the fact that our main objective is to reduce loss). Here’s my own view, I think the lesser the fee for subscription, the larger number of people that will subscribe. For example if the admin is to pay every guru 5k each, total of 25k, and we have 50 subscribers i.e 500X50=25000, c’mon we will surely get larger number of subscribers considering the N500 fee is probably a token many can afford to loose (let’s also preach spare money and stake responsibly), we already have more than 65 person who supports this great idea. But what I’m confused about is the criteria for choosing the 5 best people worthy of the slots, if the criteria is that the first 5 gurus to pay their commitment fee qualify, what about a very good forecaster that tends to be very busy at the beginning of the week or probably needs to wait for some papers and research before been sure of the banker to drop? I will have suggested that the admin rewards the gurus at the end of the month, taking Mr. Philips 4weeks consecutive excellent performance for instance and also monthly subscription for members also to save the admin alot of stress in verifying members who qualify for subscription weekly. But however, my major suggestion is the lesser the subscription fee, the more number of people that will subscribe in order to be able to achieve the 5 gurus reward. Thank you Mr. Admin for this wonderful opportunity. May GOD continue to increase your wisdom.

    • thanks

      from my experience, people buy value, not price.

      i’ve seen someone that sold his game in nap market for 3k and didn’t get up t0 3 buyers, while someone that sold his own for 10k got over 30 buyers..

      everyone must not partake

  43. satrust says:

    Starting point is quite difficult but when you eventually starts the going will get good ride on, I foresee greater breakthrough with is blog #opentestimony .

  44. Princeiyke says:

    Admin I commend you for your thoughtfulness. There are issues I wish you to understand. Some have genuine bankers but no proofs while some have proofs yet week in week out it has never produced any draw.To me I feel those who don’t have proof but are convinced of their banker should pay. How do we know when 5 people have paid to produce a banker.What will happen to those who paid after slot has been filled. 2k to win 10k is okay.

  45. Mmm says:

    one final question say 30 persons paid 1k each for the wk and non of the 5 bankas delivered, are u going to refund the subscription fee for that wk..if not what next?

  46. Good idea,admin lets start from somewhere…this week will be better.provide medium of payment for subscription and platform for members that subscribe to view the games.

  47. Ahmed Abubakar says:

    Admin, let’s move on with you taking the final decision on the matter. The proposal has received positive responses far more than the trivial issues being raised. We can’t have enough of the reservations. After all, we can’t all be unanimous but majority views matter. You’ve also gotten more than the 20 approvals required for you to go ahead.

  48. Asiasia says:

    admin your idear is very good, but i want to make a point in the place of subscription fee to be #500 per a week instead of #1500 because the commitment fee is #1000 with a reward of #5,000 that means they have played 5 odd with #1000 to win 5k while people will subscrib with #1,500 first before looking for another money to play the game, and what if the game fails what would be the benefit of the subsrcibers ? because they subscrib to win not to lose

  49. Dexster says:

    I swear I am 30 trillion percent with you

  50. Dexster says:

    Admin I am ready for it please when do we start

  51. FK says:

    I blive the idea of this blog is for everyone to win with minimum risk. @Admin, your idea is a very nice idea.
    Like some ppl have pointed out, I think you should reduce the sub fee to 500 weekly and 2500 monthly. When the 5 persons pays the 1k along with their bankers, stake the 5k on the on the games. If it plays 3/5, that’s 1000 a line which will give 40k on full payment or 20k on half payment and so on. No matter how you calculate it, you will be able to pay them. Let’s say its 2/5 or 1/5, then you can pay the 2 gurus the total sum of 10k from the week sub fee of 20 persons bcos 20*500 = 10k.
    If it plays 3/5 or above, then you can pay them from their winnings.
    You should look at some of our plee except your mind was made up even b4 u posted this great idea

  52. nkweke1980 says:

    Any Thing 2 Make D Blog Produce Better Result Every Weekend Count Me In,but Let Consider Dose Wit Low Stake Power

  53. Sir_steve says:

    Nice idea and great work admin more grace to ur able…am 100% with u.when do we start the payment and through which means?

  54. Allenworld says:

    Nation builder….. Listen to d voice of d people… Abeg…admin all fingers are not equal and u always advice us to stake what we can afford to loose…d strong forecasters in d house are warming up seriously…I advice 5top forecaster should link up with each other and form a group to give a winning line that is not more than 5bankers with 10k to d admin account, if it delivers then they re entitled to 100k , and for those that will sub…for that category will av to pay 2k and if d winning line fails, admin ll refund a 1500 to them….Boss….d main discussion should be allowed to rest at that 500naira non refundable…. Pls…onyinsi..biko…allow we dugbe market for us @500… Abeg…..all hail nation builder….don’t forget to bring ur poster out o…cos we re fully behind u…may God continue to enlarge ur coast…

    • moses35 says:

      Good morning our amiable Admin. I believe you have been democratic enough to have allowed various contributions on this subject matter. We don’t need to overflog the issue any longer. Kindly aggregate the various contributions and come up with your own leadership decision so that we can move on because time is of essence. Thank you Sir.

  55. Princeiyke says:

    Admin my posts are being blocked o. I wanted to know how we would know that the 5 slots have been taken? What happens if people pay to provide banker without knowing slot is filled. Admin I do have strong bankers without prove.Can I participate?

  56. Thanks Everyone for your contributions..

    We have to start somewhere………….

    Here’s what we will begin with……

    1. Anyone submitting his banker will pay N2000… If it win, he will receive N10,000 in return. I will likely increase the prize soon. Only 5 person will be accepted each week. Before you submit your banker, you ask me first to confirm there’s still space for the week. The money you paid to submit your banker proves you believe in the digit.

    2. There will be only a monthly(4 weeks) subscription of N4,000 for anyone that wish to join the exclusive group. I decide to remove weekly subscription in order to avoid repeated stress (on me) each week.

    3. We will start this week!.


    We control access to the Exclusive group using our membership area…

    To register, click on the website Menu, and click REGISTER… Complete the registration PROCESS. (fill your desired username, password, name, email address and click Register). Please take note of your username and password.

    If you have a banker to submit.. Simply text me.. I’ll reply you whether there’s vacant position left for the week. If yes.. you go on and pay your N2,000 commitment to my account. and post your banker. YOU WIN N10,000 once your banker deliver.

    Pay Your N4,000 subscription to my Account….

    First Bank – 3081088800
    Name – Igwilo Raphael

    After Payment, text payment details and your username to me – 08174943732… Relax.. i will reply.. Please relax. No need to panic.

    Once i activate your account, you can be able to view the weekly post until your subscription expires.

    Further questions? Kindly post Here.


  57. Igwe says:

    Admin thanks for this your brilliant idea but please let the access fee be #500 except if you have already concluded in your analysis of the cost and gain involved.I am 100% in.

  58. Buchai says:

    Under a circumstance where bankers are synonymous with each other, how do you reconcile it.

  59. Good evening admin please i want to know are we agreed on the 4k monthly subscription oooooo ..I should go ahead….. admin and my able men in the house..

  60. Taiwo Olaoni says:

    Hello admin, in a situation where we have same banker submitted, a refund should be given to the last person that submited late so that we dont have same bankers from different people. Just my advice sha.

  61. Jerry says:

    Admin you have good mind and wish people to win money God bless you, but on my own i think those promoters in this blog will hijack the process by paying that money and post death game knowing that people will stake very heavy amount and mine you if the banker fail they promoters wil gain their money. Don’t you think if i am agent i will pay 1k and then post death game? Many people in this blog are promoters agent. E.g those that use to kill others banker. I will say you should only concerntrate on those that will willing to pay money into your bank account and buy game, knowing that if the game fail you refund their money, this way people trust more than to pay 1500 and then stake heavy for game of which if fail no refund. Pls is my own opinion.

    • Ok… Let me ask you..

      How would a promoter come and pay 5k to post dead digit? Does he know where anyone will stake his game? Do you know the number of promoters in Nigeria?

      Only Aba have more than 10 promoters operating in the city..

      Pls stop believing everything..

      Or blaming your failure on something that will rarely happen

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