How To Be Part Of Our Exclusive Membership And Win Pools Often

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I thank everyone for sharing your thoughts about the planned top-notch group in we are about to form. I believe this will be better than anything else we have ever tried in this blog if we properly manage it..

We have to start somewhere………… And will surely get better because this should be a win win group for all.

Here’s what we will begin with………….

1. Anyone submitting his banker will pay N2000… If it win, he will receive N10,000 in return. I will likely increase the prize soon. We want only those that are sure of their work to Only 5 person will be accepted each week. Before you submit your banker, you ask me first to confirm there’s still space for the week. The money you paid to submit your banker proves you believe in the digit.

2. There will be only a monthly(4 weeks) subscription of N4,000 for anyone that wish to join the exclusive group. I decide to remove weekly subscription in order to avoid repeated stress (on me) each week.

3. We will start this week 12!..



We control access to the Exclusive group using our membership area…

To register, using mobile, click on the website Menu, and click REGISTER… Complete the registration PROCESS. (fill your desired username, password, name, email address and click Register). Please take note of your username and password.

If you have registered earlier, no need to register the second time. Just remember your username…..

If you have a banker to submit.. Simply text me.. I’ll reply you whether there’s vacant position left for the week. If yes.. you go on and pay your N2,000 commitment to my account. and post your banker. YOU WIN N10,000 once your banker deliver.

Pay Your N4,000 subscription to my Account….

First Bank – 3081088800
Name – Igwilo Raphael

After Payment, text payment details and your username to me – 08174943732… Relax.. i will reply.. Please relax. No need to panic.

Once i activate your account, you can be able to view the weekly post until your subscription expires.

Further questions? Kindly post Here.


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  1. Stanley says:

    Nice one, but admin if i make my subscription of one month, when will i be expecting the game as in, is it fridays or saturdays,

  2. prosper says:

    if decided admin
    let me know 07066943787 how much.

  3. Uche ngwa says:

    Admin,,is there special page for this exclusive group? I mean after paying subscription fee where will my weekly five bankers be sent to?

  4. Ochmann says:

    Now this is d real deal. Admin I hail u.

  5. Airhunde says:

    Good ideal am interested

  6. MORE says:


  7. ifeanyi says:

    how much will members pay not to post bankers but to view

  8. Kenneth says:

    Nice one admin

  9. John Paul says:

    I am sending in one banker this week, is there still space?

    In fact, I have my bankers ready for the next 10 weeks.


  10. Emma says:

    Let’s see how it goes…



  12. Uchendu Nnamdi says:

    Pls admin im interested but i don’t how to play pool. What’s the website to play it . can it be played in bet9ja. Pls explain sir.

  13. Funke says:

    Am interested how much I pay just to view d forum

  14. Nwaegwu Constantine says:

    Admin I’m interested in the deal

  15. Show says:

    How do i view the exclusive I paid yesterday.. Good afternoon Admin

  16. Sir_steve says:

    what am seeing on the exclusive page is 5000 not 4000, pls admin if I pay the 4000 will I be able to view the exclusive page?

  17. Sunny says:

    Good evening Admin! If I pay the N400 by 12 noon tomorrow will it be late for me to view the game? Thanks.

  18. Sunny says:

    I mean N4000

  19. Uchendu Nnamdi says:

    Can this pool numbers be played online?

  20. Trust in God says:

    Please Admin, I don’t understand the registration procedure. Kindly throw more light.

    • Using your mobile phone….

      1. click menu
      2. click register
      3. fill the required information and
      4. click register..

      once you see… successful, you’re done

      • Trust in God says:

        I did what you said but it’s like it failed. All efforts to register is not successful, is there any other way I can do it?

        • pay your money,…. send your email.. full name, chosen username and password to me.. i will create the account for you.

          But if you have registered in the website before now… kindly use the old username.. it’s still active.

          if you forgot your password, let me know, i’ll help retrieve it.


  21. Obas123 says:

    I paid the banker fees N2000. What next?

  22. babaa says:

    Admin well done God bless I

  23. babaa says:

    Admin well done God bless u. How do i pay hope is 4k for a month

  24. Uchendu Nnamdi says:

    pls I’m very interested . guide on me how to play online ie; the website and procedure to play and fund. Thanks

  25. Angel says:

    Kudos admin

  26. Please Admin have you seen my alert

  27. DICKSON UDUAK says:

    Pls Sir activate my acct so that i can login easily thankyou

  28. Better4real says:

    Evening Admin, I registered here yesterday and each time I log in, I will see ur acct status has expired. I want to pay 4k for the exclusive membership tomorrow and I hope will be able to view the group digits before 2pm. Pls am serious Admin.

  29. nnamdi2015 says:

    Admin your line is switched off. I was the one who sent u a text early this morning and also whatsapped you. I have paid, You promised me to send the bankers directly. Office dey close soon

  30. nnamdi2015 says:

    I did a mobile transfer

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