Opportunity To Win Times 5 or 6 Of Your Money With One Sure Banker

How To Make Times 5 or 6 Of Your Money with One SURE BANKER DRAW each week.

Do You Have A Banker Draw You Believe That Will Never Fail? Or You Know Someone Who Does?

We Are Willing To Pay You What No Bookie Can Pay You! Jokes Apart!

Here, we assume odds for draw matches start at 5.00 odds

Here’s the deal…

Bet with the admin that your banker must play draw.

Bet N2,000 on your one sure banker draw and win N10,000… That’s times 5. No bookie will pay that!

To make it the Sweetest,,,,

Bet N5,000 on your one sure banker draw and win N30,000… That’s times 6.. No bookie dares pay you that!

But if your banker fails to play draw, you lose.

Tell your friends to tell their friends to tell their friends.. We are Serious about it!

Only Six(6) Persons Is Accepted Each Week.

Here’s How To Participate…..

Since we accept only 6 persons each week, you need find out if there’s still slot left before you go on to pay your stake money into the admin’s account.… kindly text me that you have a banker to bet this week and the amount you want to bet.. 08174943732… I will follow up with a reply.

Once i accept your request, go on and deposit/transfer your stake money to

First Bank – 3081088800

Name – Igwilo Raphael

Again, text deposit/transfer details to my number above… I will acknowledge your payment.

….. and show you where to post your banker..

Once your banker deliver on Saturday evening, knack me an SMS containing your account number for alert..

Nice doing business with you…

Our Name Is Trust!!






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