Serious Persons Only!! No Bad Loser Wanted.

.before anything… READ CAREFULLY…..

Good day.

One of our members here who resides in the UK contacted me early in the week about some fixed matches he’s  privileged to meet the source.  9 odds to be precise.

Initially i didn’t pay much attention due to my previous experiences here but he went further to take all the fears and doubts away from me. He offered to give the game to me before or  one hour to kick off time. While i bet or share with you here and send him 500 euros (N210,000) once the tip delivers.

I had no other option than to accept his offer.. He was fair enough.

Now, here’s the deal. The fixed match is 9 odds according to him.

If you are willing to play the tip… Then, you will have to bet a separate copy N1000 and then stake your own copy any amount you want. Once the tip lands, you will send me the amount you win in that N1000 copy. While i make up the N210,000 and send the brother so that business will continue.. I need at-least 20 persons to achieve this..

If you are interested… Simply Text “INTERESTED” to my number 08174943732. I will respond. No call.. I said No call. If you have any question.. type it here as comment and i’ll reply you.

The match is Saturday match according to him.

Finally, if you’re a bad loser… stay off this post.. no apologies.

Thanks for understanding..

P.S.. see screenshot of our whatsapp chat here





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