My Apology!!

I sincerely apologize to you all whom i got involved in the fixed game deal. Please you have to understand that i am only trying to help; to find a way of making you smile.. Even me i lost too, here’s one of my lost slip

And the brother who brought it to me.. he lost too.. see  screenshot.

Seriously, this further increased my doubt whether fixed match exists for real. but.. i’m not losing hope yet.. i’ll keep looking for that real deal. Hopefully, soonest, we will have it within our reach.

As for those who only knows how to use bad words(bad losers) to annoy me often.. if i use my own loss sadness and insult back you will tag me bad admin abi? it’s really not your fault, but.. you see, i warned earlier that i needed no bad loser around.

Again, please let nothing lead you borrowing to stake in gambling.. it might lead you to the worst mistake of your life.

Finally, brace-up yourself… I will soon drop info on how you can get a guide that will show you how to pick draw matches from rezilta website.. with it, all you need to do is head on to rezilta each match day to check if any is available. you carry and bet and win.

Have a blessed Sunday.


Use this tip today..

Brazil Seria A

Atletico GO vs Atletico MG

tip – FT Draw




Vasco D Gama vs Santos

tip – FT Draw


Bet singles.

One to play draw


Peace IN






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