Last week we hit the unexpected. While all things were fine and running smoothly, out of the blue, the site disappeared online.

Utter disappointed because my account is nowhere near expiration, I rushed to my hosting account only to discover that i was suspended due to excess use of bandwidth. The traffic(site visitors) further increased.

Devastated, why can’t this people notify me before suspending my account so that i can upgrade? At least i use one of their big subscription plan, i deserve more respect..

…..but my site is still down, and anger cannot get it back so i had to take a chill pill and go contact the idiots.

One thing reading to the other, they added salt to my injury and tampered with the website files while trying to lift the suspension. The blog collapsed.

The worst; they could not figure out what the problem was and takes 24hrs to respond to email. I was confused.

Long story cut short..

Please if you have a blog/website or planning to get one, never think of having anything to do with because they’ll kill your business before you realize it.

Myriad of calls and messages from you kept reminding me that i have huge fan-base that needed not be disappointed.

My thinking raced high and led to acquiring a new host account from a foreign company without minding the extra cost. We needed a quick solution at all cost..

Special Thanks To Mr Adeleke Adeyemi, aka thecappo. Sir, that money you sent was really helpful and God knows i appreciate it.

And my brother Chydon Ejims, you see, the money you sent for beer was put to better use.. There was no appetite for beer then, but i’ll drink later this week.. lol.. I’m grateful sir

Finally, i thank everyone of you who were calling and texting to know the progress. You kept spurring me. We’re back this early because of you. I thank you.

P.S. No need talking about the haters, they’ll always watch us scale higher and higher.

P.P.S. As for whogohost, they’re still there with their dumb customer attendants hoping i’m still with them. For their mind!

P.P.P.S. The blog is still having a little issue after restoring the old files. The individual post pages are not loading fine, we’re working on it. If not easily rectified, i’ll rebuild the blog on Saturday..

Happy New Week.






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