Week 28 Champions List: Our Super Stars Of The Week

Welcome Friends..I thank everyone who contributed in the banker donation of week 28.

It was such an excruciating experience for many. But just like ever, some of us rose to the stars and came back shinning. We have to honor these men. because it’s not easy.pools champions

Here Are The lords Of Week 28.


  1. Pools Archive with 44cbk
  2. Sure bankers with 38cbk
  3. Tommieson with 6cbk
  4. Ime ettang with 9cbk
  5. Kolmod with 6cbk
  6. lilrichman with 38cbk
  7. peter davies with 38cbk
  8. Chibu with 28cbk
  9. Giver Given with 24cbk
  10. Master Tip with 6cbk
  11. Wasiu with 28cbk
  12. pgift20 with 20cbk
  13. Nelson Kporobu with 20cbk
  14. Ezekielajah with 11cbk
  15. Atube Chuks with 24cbk
  16. Mentor with 2cbk
  17. Toseno with 38cbk and 49cbk.. Respect
  18. Mr Sunny with 11cbk and 22cbk. Respsect
  19. Moneypenny with 6cbk


  1. Kollmod with 19ff pair 20xx
  2. Mr Philip with 22xx pair 44xx
  3. Kellyto with 46xx pair 47ff
  4. KDPAIN with 29ff pair 49xx
  5. King Jossy with 6xx pair 26ff
  6. Moneypenny with 9xx pair 10ff

Winning Line

  1. Emmanuel with 3/4.. great work there
  2. toseno with 3/6.. thanks
  3. Special mention to Obas123 for providing giving us a free gift of 3/3 and 4/5 in the discussion room. thank you sir.
Please if your game played and you didn’t violate our posting ethics, kindly inform me through comment box so that i can include your name. Please check the banker room post to read our posting ethics.
Defaulters – They did not follow our rules but their post delivered.
1. Nwoke – how i wish you proved the pair
2. Kamazu*
3. Bonkey Alex
4. AlwaysDoGood*
5. Onyeka Franklin*
6. M.O
7. Goldengilo*
8. Walksman
9. Free Game
10. E.K ANthony
11. Roland
12. Gavi delivered of of 3 naps
13. Favour Baby
14. paraclete*
15. valjosh d gr8
16. Mozart33
If you’re not certain why your name is listed among bad gangs.. Kindly read the post on banker room from beginning to end. Thank you
We use this weekly report to keep track of those performing better in the house.. Please if your games have played the number of times  required for you to win our prize. Kindly remind me(08174943732). Tankio. We immensely appreciate your efforts . Gracias in the highest.






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