How To Invest In OneCoin And Make Good Money

How To Invest  InOnecoin And Make Money

how to invest and make money in onecoin

To start making money from OneCoin, you must first purchase at least one package. Click here to read my post where I discuss all the packages currently available in Onecoin’s backoffice and what they cost.

Although you can make money from the package you buy alone (by submitting the tokens you get for mining) but when you become an Independent Marketing Associates (IMA), you can make a lot more money. Here’s the detail:

  • From Direct Sales: This means if you refer somebody you’re going to get commission.
  • From Network Bonuses: As your team builds up you get paid bonuses on your downlines, from 10% upward.
  • From Matching Bonuses:  The network commissions  portion of the Onelife network is based on 2 teams also referred to as “legs”. The network structure will pay a sales cycle commission of 10% of your sales volume from the team totals that are the lesser amount. For example:Your right team could have generated EUR 7,500 (EURO) in sales volume and the left team generated EUR 10,000 in sales volume; you would be paid 10% of the right team sales totals or EUR 750. The sales volume not generating a commission from the left side sales is banked and stored for future NETWORK totals. 60% of NETWORK commissions are deposited onto the your cash account (Commissions/bonuses can be cashed out) and 40% are rewarded into the your ONELIFE NETWORK Trading Account. The NETWORK commission pays out a maximum sales cycle commission based on the rank levels obtained.
  • From Start Up Commissions: You will earn fast start up commission without making any personal group sales or personal product purchase volume.  You can earn fast start up commissions from your free enrollee into the ONELIFE NETWORK system. called a Rookie. Each sale you make generates a 10% (of the purchase price) commission to you, the referrer or IMA. These commissions are paid weekly through a split distribution system. 60% of this commission is deposited onto your cash account and you can transfer this to your card and/or bank account and 40% is rewarded into your ONELIFE NETWORK Currency Trading Account.
  • From Onelife Club: You’re going to be part of the Onelife Club. You can use your bonuses to  make trips and different vacations.
  • From Token Splits: At the bottom of your dashboard, you will see the Split Barometer.  The Split barometer is a measuring scale whose value ranges from 0% to 100%. The factors that determines the rate at which it increases are your team level, your network growth, the time it takes to increase your network and the token demand. The split happens when the barometer level reaches 100%. Depend on the members network and difficulties find in token mining, it will take 10-12 weeks time for split When the reading on this barometer hits the 100 percent mark, your tokens will split! This will double the number of the tokens you have.  This means that if you had 1000 tokens before, you will now have 2000 tokens which you can then submit for mining. Splitting of your tokens help you to make more money because the greater the number of tokens you submit for mining the greater the number of coins you will get and so the more money you can make when you sell those coins.
  • From AGC Coins and Educational packages: OneCoin cryptocurrency has partnered with AGC (Aurum Gold Coins). AGC is a pioneer in the world of cryptocurrency. Aurum is the only cryptocurrency that is backed with physical gold that is stored in the gold vault in Dubai. Aurum Gold Coins are included in any OneCoin package you buy,  along with the education courses that you can resell. Aurum Gold Coin is backed up by 10 mg of pure gold and 0.01 fractions of OneCoin cryptocurrency. The bigger the package you buy the more of these gold coins you receive.

Gold bonus - Aurum gold Coins

  • From Coinsafe Oppotunity: Coinsafe is the latest Onecoin product that gives you the chance to deposit all the coins you currently have in your balance and save them for a certain period of time. As a result you will earn interests on the balance of your coins in addition to what you earn from the rising value of the coin.

make money from coinsafe

Coinsafe opportunity

Important Note: 60 percent of all your bonuses are allocated to your cash account and 40 percent goes to your trading account (except the start-up bonus 100% of which is allocated to your trading account). The cut-off time for the bonus round is Sunday at 12:00 Midnight GMT. Bonuses are generated every Monday at 4:00 pm GMT. Bonuses are usually allocated to your cash and trading accounts a week after generating them, that is on Mondays at 4:00 pm GMT.

Recognition & Awards table

The image below shows the different ranks you can achieve in Onecoin: Sapphire, Ruby, Emerald, Diamond, etc:

recognition and awards table

Prediction of Onecoin’s Value in 3 Years

prediction of the value of Onecoin in 3 years

The above chart is a prediction based on the success of Bitcoin. You can see that after this year it could be anywhere worth $50, up to $100 per coin. What is exciting to know is that Dr ruja ensures she pays everybody on time.People are absolutely making a ton of money in this business right now. She’s even working with top Attorneys in America to make sure everything is above board for all of us to be able to capitalize and to be able to have a good business and a good program for a long time.

Onecoin Trading Strategies

The image below shows the trading strategies you can use and their descriptions of what the potential is if you’re going for a Tycoon package or Pro Trader package:

Onecoin Trading Strategies





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