When BITCOIN was starting in 2009, 1 bitcoin was for as cheap as $0.10. $100 was enough to get 1000bitcoins back then.

As at today, 1Bitcoin is worth $900 plus.

$100 investment then got 1000bitcoins. Today, 1000 bitcoins are worth.

900 x 1000 = $900,000 = N450,000,000

That’s simply saying that N50,000 ($100) back then is now worth N450million ($900,000)

Another of such opportunity is around the corner and i have personally invested in
it. I bet your head will swell on reading my target by 2018.

BILL Gate also heavily invested in this cryptocurrency business.

Did you miss Bitcoin? Did you miss your potential of making a profit in Bitcoin? It took Bitcoin over 6 years to have over 300,000 members! If you do not want to miss the opportunity of making much more than you could have made with Bitcoin, then click here to join our team in Onecoin! Dr Ruja’s Onecoin is certified and audited. Over 200 countries have acquired this coin and have put up educational packages around the world. There are over 2 million members that are part of this movement. The market capitalization of Onecoin is at over $4 billion already.  Market capitalization is the number of mined coins multiplied by the market price.

Why You Need to Pay Close Attention

  • Onecoin was created after studying the success story of Bitcoin, the pioneer of cryptocurrencies.
  • Onecoin is an evolution in the world of digital currency.
  • It was created in accordance with the law even in countries that are the most strict.
  • Onecoin is a centralized company.
  • Onecoin’s  founder has won relevant awards.
  • Onecoin’s revenue is over $50 million per week, and sometimes as much as a $100 million in a week. There are companies that don’t even make that in a year.
  • Around over 3000 customers per day are purchasing products and packages.
  • Onecoin has done over $1 Billion in their very first year of business. If you compare that to Microsoft and Apple, it took them over 5 years to go from $0 to over $1 billion.
  • Over 2500 people have 1 million dollars’ worth of coins today and that number continues to rise.


Who Are They? They Are Onelife!

The company has offices all around the world and its official headquarters is in Bulgaria.

bitcoin offices

Onelife is an ecosystem of multiple platforms to expose the Onecoin cryptocurrency to the world and integrate this coin in the many different industries.


About Dr Ruja Ignatova, the Founder of Onecoin


Dr Ruja’s Books, Published in German Chinese in the Cryptocyrrency Arena

Dr Ruja's Books


Dr Ruja’s Awards & Certificates


Understanding the Trend of Cryptocurrency

understanding the trend of cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Exchange

cryptocurrency rates

What’s so exciting is that Dr Ruja decided that she was going to create her own cryptocurrency because she studied the pros and cons of the industry. Although she’s been building this project for several years but what she’s done in the recent years is she blew away the other cryptocurrencies that have launched. Her goal is to make it in the top 10 chart to bring more visibility and credibility to the coin besides the members.

Onelife Upgrade Packages

Below are the different packages you can order right from your Onelife account:

Onelife upgrade package 2

Onelife upgrade package set 3

You can start for as little as the Starter pack for 140 Euros(N91,800) with activation fee already included. There are other bigger packages like Trader, Pro Trader, Executive Trader and so on. Now each package has its own benefits. Now understand that the higher the package you go, the more bonus coins you will be able to get. You also get more education as you go higher.  Please click on each of the images above to enlarge them so you can see the benefits you get from each of the available packages, such as the number of promo Tokens, the BV points, the daily OLP points, and so on.

For each package, you get bonuses of AGC coins which are Aurum coins that are backed by one milligram of gold in Dubai. You’re also going to get education about cryptocurrency and how to profit from it.

Click on the image below to see what you will learn at The One Academy.

what you learn at the one academy

The OnePay Card

All members can request for and receive free e-wallets and  OnePay cards. They will be able to get all their commissions and bonuses paid out into their e-wallets and use them at ATMs where Mastercards are accepted. This is an international money transfer system.

Onepay Card

Understand that in Onecoin there’s no autoships and no monthly commitment. Just buy your investment package and that is it!

Click here to join now

Click here to learn how to invest on onecoin and different ways of making money in onelife network.

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