Start Making 500% Of Your Invested Money Now On iCharity

Please note that this is a sponsored post. while i’ve witnessed that the program works.. the admin not directly involved.


Start making 500% of your money now!

It Pays Like Blood Money,
better than MMM.


NOTE: In icharity, there is no central account that manage members money, every payment, every benefits are paid straight to your bank account and in NAIRA.

Registration in icharity is free of charge.
After that, you provide help or upgrade yourself and receive bigger money in return.

Your first help is with N6000 and you will receive N30,000 within a week straight to your bank account.

Your second help is with N12000 out of the 30000 you’ve earned which is completely optional (but u no sopoz carry last nah…why not keep climbing to the highest level) and you will receive N300,000 straight to your bank account within 10 days.

Your third help or donation is with N24000 and you will receive N3mill straight to your bank account within 3 weeks etc etc.

Now, icharity consists of 10 grades and it is all about providing help or donating money until  you get to the last grade which is grade 10 and you earn your maximum payment of $16, 308,593,750.

Remember, after your initial 6000, the system is self supporting in that anymore donations you want to make comes from your earning and also, it’s completely optional to proceed to the next level, but why on earth will you want to remain at the smaller level when it won’t take anything more from you to keep upgrading.

Hurry now!
Use the link

Donate and pay sharp sharp to start to *make more money*

Icharity…… Rocks

For any question, call Ayo 08098602996






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