Priceless Opportunity: You Won’t Find This Elsewhere; Just For 15 Persons

Greetings Fam And Friends.

I’ve been thinking about the best way to make our membership group a profit only scheme for members.

Base on my payment arrangements with the new source that provides us game and the fact that their game wins at least ones in two to three weeks (base on my experience).

Here’s my plan to make it a win win program for interested members… so help me God

(1) Interested person should pay N2,000 to join the group and be playing our weekly games.

(2) Any week we win, everybody will renew membership with N2,000 to continue receiving games until we win again. if the number of draws for that week is up to 17 draws, renewal for that week will be N1,000 per person. This is just like a cheap payment after winning stuff.

I believe this will reduce the expenses from your side and you can easily afford to maintain your membership. And will be happy to send even appreciation to my account.  The 2k sign up fee is to declare your genuine interest in the agenda.

Now here’s another thing… I only want 40 members in the group. Their payment covers the expenses to secure the game.. no need for crowd. i stake too. And as at now.. We have 22 members in the group plus 3 others who peeped into the membership group and saw where I seek members opinion before posting this. That is,  a total number of 25 persons are already in. We have 15 more person to go.

Please note that I didn’t reveal much about our source of game in this post because it is public and the site is no longer a small village.

If you’re interested in this package, see what to do now.

If you have not registered in the member area for the first time click here to register. But if you registered earlier, no need to register again, proceed to payment.

Click here to see account details. NB – Just ignore the 5k on the page and pay 2k only.

After payment.. Send depositor/transferee name and your registered username to 08174943732. I will upgrade your account.







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