Double Combo Betting System Explained

In my attempt to get everyone of us acquainted with all the important betting system that will better our chances of winning, I’ll be discussing “double combo” today.

Double Combo literally means a a type of bet that combines your number of selections in twos so that if only two of your selections win, you’ll get paid. You can select 3,4,5,6 etc number of matches and bet them in a double combo.

This post will emphasize more on double (3 comb) – as seen in bookie bet slips.

Double (3 comb) involves three selections which are arranged in twos. Thus, achieving three sets of combination.

double combo

when you place bet on double 3 combo, the system will pick 2 games for accumulation in 3 places simultaneously making your bet to be spread in 3 places.The system then arranges your 2 combinations picking any 2 of the 3 matches in the pattern below

Combination 1 – Match A and Match B

Combination 2- Match A and Match C

Combination 3 – Match B and Match C

so if you stake 1000, your total stake will be 3000 bucks shown below

Odds product for A and B X stake (100) = winnings for the combination

Odds product for A and C X stake (100) = winnings for the combination

Odds product for B and C X stake (100) = winnings for the combination

In doubles (3 comb), Matches A,B and C would be on your slip but the stakes will be calculated individually for each combination.

So if you enter N1000 in the stake box, your total stake will be N300 meaning you will be charged N3000 if you proceed with that bet, this is because you are placing a doubles (3 comb) bet and your total stake will be calculated at N1000 for each of the 3 combinations. Unlike the normal accumulator, you don’t have to win all the bets on the slip to get returns, you need to win just 2 predictions for you to get at least a return for a combination.

If you win match A and B then lose match C, your stake of N1000 for the combination A*B would multiplied by the odds product for match A*B and you will be credited for that. You will not be credited for combinations A*C and B*C because you lost your prediction on match C

I believe you have understand how doubles (3 combo ) works. It you can try it out but make sure to select teams you are sure of.

Don’t hesitate to ask any question you may have in the comment box.

P.S. There are other double combos like the double (6 combo) which involves 4 match selections and 6 different double combinations. If you type 1000 in the amount box, you’ll be charged 6000 in your account. If two matches succeed to be green, you’ll win.

P.S.S.  This kind of bet requires that you select matches with reasonable odds so that you can make profit once two of them turns green.






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