Week 08 Champions Planet: Respect Any Name You See Here

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Here Are The Men Who Deserve Our Standing Ovation In Week 08..


  1. eMoney with 17xx. I’ll not approve that multiple numbers from you next time sir.
  2. Chriz with 41xx.
  3. Jide with 26xxx
  4. Don Gustavo with 17xx
  5. Philip with 20xx
  6. Obiano with 2xx and 17xx. Boom!!
  7. banjo with 11xx\
  8. Nicodemus with 2xx
  9. Harvest with 11xx
  10. KingMagaBush with 7xx
  11. 3Gee with 31xx
  12. Fubaraibi007 with 11xx
  13. Embest with 20xx 47xx
  14. Sir P with 42xx
  15. Stankovic with 11xx
  16. Chuks O with 2xx
  17. Giver Given with 26xxx
  18. GoldenGilo With 17xx
  19. Mr Orji 13xx


  1. Epico with 26xx pair 27ff
  2. eMoney with 8ff pair 47xx
  3. Tyga with 17xx pair 27ff
  4. Lordben with 2xx pair 27ff
  5. Onyeka Franklin with 2xx pair 31xx. Boom!!
  6. Banjo with 8ff 31xx
  7. Olympic with 11xx pair 12ff
  8. GoldenGilo with 17xxx
  9. Mexy with 1ff pair 47xx
  10. Kingso with 26xx pair 16ff
  11. Moneybag with 17xx pair 18ff
  12. Alan with 21ff pair 26xx
  13. Blue101 with 17xxx/34fff
  14. Social1 with 17xx pair 18ff
  15. Idris with 2xx pair 12ff

Winning Lines

  1. Pool Lecture with 3/4 winning line
  2. Mc Funny with 3/5 winning line
  3. Utibe Eniot with 4/6 winning line
  4. Walksman with 3/4 winning line
  5. Llyod with 3/6 winning line
  6. Somag121 with 3/6

Politely seek my attention if your game delivered and you didn’t disobey the rule but i didn’t include your name in the list. i will do it.

We use this weekly report to keep track of those performing better in the house..

Please if your games have played the number of times  required for you to win our prize. Kindly remind me. Tankio

We immensely appreciate your efforts . Gracias in the highest. We are grateful

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  1. embest says:

    Y can’t I find my own here? 20,,47,, andershot under d bar…

  2. Best says:

    My pair mansfield ontop morecambe is not there.

  3. Somag121 says:

    Admin pls can u check mine I posted jus one winning line 3/6

  4. nwaeze says:

    Admin good morning sir please Epico 6F pair 27F correct it thanks.

  5. Somag121 says:

    Winning line on week 08
    Check and update pls

  6. GOLDENGILO says:

    Good job Admin,I hail u but my 17 last wk is a banker not pair.pls kindly reverse it

  7. social1 says:

    morning my able admin pls , my pair produce , hav’nt seen it here 17xxx pair 18ff 45cbk ff


  8. Ndu3888nel says:

    Ndu3888nel with 17 and 37 was not mentioned. Take note at admin. Tanko

  9. Angel says:

    Admin my banker play 7x play

  10. pfizzy says:

    mornig admin. my banker cleared 42. perm cleared 2*5*17*32*35*42. 3/6 pls check nd update tnx patrickfizzy

  11. HAPPYGUY says:


  12. social1 says:

    admin am waiting for u to update my last week post which was 17 & 18 am social1 08066230970

  13. GIVER GIVEN says:

    Good day my inspired admin, I am Giver Given. Please i dont know if i had violated any rule in the house, bcos i dropped 26bck but my name did’nt appear in the champions planet. Cross check sir and do justice. Thanks

  14. Mr Jorji says:

    Admin I am the only one that posted Xx13Xx with prove but my name is not on the list hmmm

  15. pfizzy says:

    Gud pm admin. emoney posted up to 9 game nd he is d first person u put it name down on winning line. am not trying to be rud. but if u can nt put everybody name down dat cleared their banker or permin . I see no need in Putin any name at all. tnx u.

  16. mickey mickey says:

    admin is better to publish complete games that delivered and not pair.

  17. Intel88 says:

    My pair 3 pair 13 is not commended

  18. Alan says:

    Admin I posted 11pair 18 earlier in d wk b4 bringing up 21 pair 26 on friday to help my pals wit 2 set of strong pairs bt was suprise dat 1st one wasnt approved, in al tanx 4 d forum. by His Grace dia wil b a winning line dis wk. tanx

  19. Paraclete says:

    Admin pls check my games; I got winning line but my name isn’t here. pls comfirm Sir.

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