Do Not Read If You Are The Type That Bet To Win 10 Million In One Day

Happy Sunday Everyone!!

First of, i will warn that this write-up is not for you if

  1. You believe that betting (pool and online bet) is only about getting rich fast; especially with little stake capital.
  2. You only stake #100 or at most #200 per bet slip and cannot afford to upgrade.
  3. You are not patient

please close the page and occupy your time with something else. It will serve you best.

On the contrary, if you are my type who believes in, finding a pattern to win more regularly, investing on it and cashing regular profit base on your investment. Read on.

I am aware that few or many individuals have won substantial amount of money (them no gree give me small through a direct or indirect assistance of this blog. I am elated. In sincerity of purpose, it is my biggest dream that people constantly get financial empowerment through

My relentless search for a reliable pools info to support our general struggle in  this blog have yielded less fruit; truth. But, there’s something reliable now. It won’t be useful to many though. Weekly must pair. The cost of buying it weekly is bigger than the 1k you pay to be in our top membership group for 30 days. I will also keep on prospecting until i find a reliable source for 3/3. but while we wait for that, i want you my shrewd friend to benefit from our available and reliable weekly pair. I personally have won not less than 10k each weekend since week 5 via the pairs (i used week 4 for experiment). Some of you that has been getting the pair from me since week 5 knows what’s up. And that reminds me, please do not call again for the pair, kindly log into the premium room to get it.

How to profit from the weekly pair: Simply bet them singles in your betting account with equal amount. Don’t add, don’t remove. If you bet 10k weekly for 5 good weeks, you will understand that you are into a great business.

You can then perm together with bankers from our top players in the expert room to bet your pool coupon.

In the same vein, our expert tipsters daily tips is also waxing strong. If you adhere to the betting strategy i share in the thread, you will always have some profits to withdraw at the end of each weekend.

See you at the expert room

Access to everything costs you N1,000 every 30 days.

P.S. If you subscribed to my paid tips between April To June this year, i still remember that it didn’t pan out as we expected that period. That led to my quitting any daily tips subscription plan because i was facing concentration issues. Please register in the membership group and send your username to me with the phone number you used in our transaction. I will upgrade your account free of charge to regain your loss.






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