Week 08 UK Football Pools: Discussion Room

My Greetings!!!

Do You have any suggestion to make that will improve the community?

Is any proof/game posted by someone in the banker room unclear to you?

Is their anyone you want to connect with?

Just anything you want to talk about, post it in this chat room and the person you are talking to will reply.

We have to make the banker room as sanitized as possible to reduce confusion over there.

Happy Chatting

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  1. Nicodemus .N. says:

    I sincerely apologise to my fans over my pair that failed last wk.I ‘m assuring u a good pair or three draws ahead. Pls bear with me

  2. foundation911 says:

    Awaysdogood thank u I can see u bust of ur banker 23 and pairs that produced winning line for u and u are thanking God for that. meaning u purposely send to me 6 dead games for me to die as well with the dead games these are the numbers u sent to me.12*18*19*41*42*43 thank u for that and ur winning line.

  3. Somag121 says:

    Last week i predicted 12 draws on coupon and told us dat 98percent of draws wil b score draws and it hapened as i said. This week who knows hw many draws? How many score draws n No score draws………?
    Letz search…


    Foundation911 Apology for the games i sent you that failed. It wasn’t intentional in any way. I sent you that game FREELY with the whole mind that it will deliver but unfortunately they didn’t go our away. 12, 18, 19 came from Stoke City at number 03 away key on Red Coupon…But it didn’t deliver while it deliver through out last season. 42 and 43 came from Colchester opponent in advance key that played in week 4,5,6 of current season. Even 43 came again through week 6 number 44 home team to play in advance week 7…have been playing for some years now. i got 41 through a strong key also. I Further got number 12 and 24 through Soccer Research Paper. All these analysis is just to let you know…I didn’t send you those games purposely as dead games to waste your hard earn money. Am not an agent to promoters to help waste peoples money for them. Am not a game seller and i will never be by God’s grace…so am not out to kill anybody and at the same time…am not out to impress anybody. Am just out to ALWAYSDOGOOD and help out. Am saddened in my heart that in my bid to help…i was misinterpreted and for the fact that instead of you to reply me personally through my phone number that i used my hard earn recharge card FREE of charge to send you game…you decide to come publicly here to criticise me as if i charge you money before sending you game. It is well brother…Once again Am deeply sorry for the lose. Please forgive me! Thanks Able Bonafide and Admin for been there! Am grateful All. By God’s grace i will keep on putting all my effort into this business and doing GOOD ALWAYS even if am not appreciated for it. Admin Please help me approve the post! All i have offended…Please Forgive Me!

    • foundation911 says:

      @alwaysdogood, pls after the post I realize my mistake by posting such, am much sorry about that forgive me. I trust ur worth that s y I used almost my earns for the week n place the game. I still thank u, u are a good man keep it up. @ admin am sorry for my mistake.
      @bonafide ur are a great man I luv u for ur works. thank u my amiable Alwaysdogood pls try n understand me.u r a good man I luv u.

    • Lench10 says:

      I luv dis! Dis r d kind of people I luv dealing wit.

    • Aches says:

      My brother I salute, I am proud of you pls take it easy, it’s well!

  5. Ken says:

    Good morning, everyone. Please I need your opinion on this sensitive issue. I used 33 to NAP last week: 8 24 33. As you all know, the match between Swindon vs Bristol Rovers @ 33 was abandoned after the first half due to the weather there. Now, I hear promoters won’t pay with 33. But Soccer Research has just published 33 as one of the draws for Wk 07. What do I do? I need your opinions please. Thanks

    • Promoters are paying with 33xx. Unless the promoter you played in this office is one of the greedy ones that seek the slightest excuse to deny people their winning

    • Okechukwu Onyeka Franklin says:

      Let me tell u one thing some of us don’t undstand in ds kind of situation. Promoters do pay wt any draw published/approved by d Pools Board. But d funny thing here is dt most of d Agents have learnt to deceive stakers by telling them dt promoter refused to pay wt d draw in question. Then, in d end, d winnings of those involved stakers go into their own pockets. So, I advise to go back to d agent/clerk and mount a very serious pressure on them. Demand dt they shld take u to the promoter. U can even arrest d agent to pose more threat. My dear, I’m telling u ds out of experience. Most of dz agents are criminals when it comes to this.

  6. Samuel A Ben says:

    Good afternoon,the house and admin. Pls I want a good forcasster to work no this movement,last season wk 7 opponet of rochdale moves to no 1 in wk8 rochdale drew at no 5 this season opponet of rochdale in wk 7 moves again to no 1 and rochdale is at no 10 pls give the house if the movement bring games for nap.

  7. Ken says:

    Thanks, Admin.

  8. Hi Everyone.

    Our special group started this week and the target is to achieve winning line two or three times monthly. The 4 persons selected base on their performance in our public banker room will be required to drop just one banker or pair each per week. Anyone that fails to supply for 3weeks(for now) will be dropped for another person who’ve achieved 3 or 4 straight banker streak in the public banker room to take his place.

    For Now.. We are starting with
    1. LORDBEN
    2. Pools Archives
    4. Somag121..

    The Position they occupy now is not their birthright – be exceptional in the public banker room and you will be moved to the special group to post in place of any one that fumbles among them. Anyone selected to post there will not pay for as long as he is there and performing well.

    Every other details will be shared within the group.


    I advice everyone that is willing to join the special group not to overlook the daily online betting special group. That one seems even hotter. Just open an online betting account and make some deposit like i advised in the page. You’ll sure be cashing weekly profit if you adhere to the money management idea i shared in the page.

    Click “join us” on any protected post to register

    Before i forget.
    I will also be dropping a special pair weekly in the group. It has been 100% so far from week 4 from the source. Some of you that are close can testify. Works best in bet for a sure weekend profit.

    More Info? Read the membership page at the menu of the site.

    P.S. This 1k you pay to access this room is just to support what we use in rewarding and motivating these gentlemen that are working hard for all of us.

    P.S.S. If you invest more effort, you can overthrow anyone selected to post in the top categories.


  9. Lench10 says:

    And so it begins.

  10. ALWAYSDOGOOD says:

    Able Foundation911…Your apology is fully accepted by me. Am deeply and much sorry for the lose. To be sincere and frank with you… I equally lost heavily and someone like BONAFIDE is quite aware of my case. So sorry brother… Am working round the clock to compensate us in due time FREE of charge again and again by God’s grace. Whenever my unfailing soccer research key which set in week 07 but I couldn’t even benefit from the 4/5 it bring set again…I will fully send it to as many that are on my list as fans FREE OF CHARGE…! I so much enjoy doing good and I will never stop doing good by God’s grace. Thanks all…ALWAYSDOGOOD!

    • freeze says:

      @ALWAYSDOGOOD you re Blessed. i have been reading your post and realise that it require wisdom to reply the way you reply @Foundation911 stay blessed.

    • Clem says:

      @Alwaysgood, please register me as ur fan. I love ur way.

  11. Chy says:

    : Since d beginning of the season………. game @ no 7………(except week 6)
    Week 4 Ipswich vs Barnsley……. Ipswich I=9..h=8. Then 9+8=17…. it will play 17&18….. Barnsley..b=2….y=25…2+25=27…it will play 27&28……(17,18,27,28)
    Week 5 : Hull vs Leicester ( remember wen u add the first & last letter of games @ no seven. It must give you d same family no.e.g…..17&27……20&30….23&33
    : Hull =8+12=20… Leicester…L =12+r(18)=30……
    I thought it will play 20,21,30,31. I played it & it played only 30&31. But funny thing about it is dat 27,28 repeated.
    Now week 7: it came again Southampton vs Sunderland…..(s+n=33)…then Sunderland=(s+d=23.)…. now it played again (23,24,33,34) 4/4
    Now week 8: is Millwall vs Bradford C…. (m+ L=13+12=25)….(b+C=5) ……… which is (5:6:25:26) please house let’s put our heads together & forecast this game & know what it does in the second week. Am looking @ (5,6,25,26) or (23,24,25,26) or (5,6,23,24) or (5,6,33,34) or (25,26,33,34) thanks all. Please Ur contributions .

    • fortunate praise says:

      I’ve been looking at those games since week 04, and I decided to look into it this week. let’s give this observation a serious attention. though am praying it doesn’t wash out. but am looking at this way,
      in the second week that is week 05, the last two numbers played that is 30*31. and the last two numbers of the previous week played. so am going to try:

    • freeze says:

      @Chy i think you should try 4,5, reason is that when it played first it has chestfield carry game under it also as D, now this week 8 chestfiled is carrying game with DD again . by equation D=4. Just my observation tnx

    • Luvday says:

      23, 24 , 25, 26, or 5,6,23,24 dts my pick

  12. Aguriase Sunday says:

    my banker for this week is no 4xxx

  13. Aguriase Sunday says:

    proof portvale @ 14xxx away family of 4 in week 4 purple drew this week is @ no 4 away family of 4 purple winning line 4x 10x 17x 25x 36x best of luck

  14. Evanny 3053 says:

    Hello guys… Concerning d match Dat was abandoned. N/B promoters don’t pay wit abandoned matches, it’s even stated on d coupon paper dey use in staking ur coupon. Admin thx for d gud work u re doing, @tarila long time, welc back

    • Okechukwu Onyeka Franklin says:

      My man, dat’s not true. Some of the promoters are paying with an abondoned match, which has been finally decided draw by d Pools Board. For example, ds last wk 7, I know of a promoter dt paid wt X33X. His pool company’s name is “9ICE” in Port-harcourt.

  15. GREAT STAR says:

    @ ken although I don’t know where you staked your game. know that promoters in DELTA north & south don’t pay with ABD match(es).

  16. t man says:

    my admin how do we pay in the bank pls some info

  17. Idris Abdul says:

    A friend sent this to me for me to look into it. Every ones opinion is welcomed.

    wk08 2015
    Bradfordc@7f away
    Fleetwood v Rochdale@5x
    Portvale v Millwall@8x
    17=Mansfield v A.wimbledon
    21=Portsmouth v Accrington
    game 20f away team=Crawley
    25=Aldershort under the cutting bar home
    24=Yeovil v morecambe untop of the bar
    Southport v Dover@34x
    wrexham@32x away
    Chester v Forestgrn@30f
    maccl’field v Working@33f
    Hartlepool@23f away
    Out come that year was 05X08X17X21X32X34X35X36X

    wk08 Currently
    Bradfordc@7? Away
    Fleetwood v Coventry@5x
    North’pton v Milton k@8x
    17=Mansfield v Cambridgeu
    Mansfield+Cambridge u=19f
    21=Plymouth v Cheltham
    game 20f away team=GRIMPSY
    25=Aldershort under the cutting bar home
    24=Yeovil v Blackpool untop of the bar
    Southport v Dover@34x
    Wrexham@33x away
    Chester v Forestgrn@27f
    Maccl’field v Working@32f
    Hartlepool@23f away
    Possible outcome for this wk08

    • foundation911 says:

      @Idris like this ur analysis I want to give those numbers 05*08*17*21*33*34*35*36a try pls can u or any one me tell with 08numbers played on pool am looking at 20 units how much amount will I stake to give me 20units as of 08games thanks as u reply. I luv the forecast cos must numbers are in my bankers. I ll equally play it in bet9ja.

    • Chris says:

      Take 5*21*35 as ur nap

      • Chris.

        I might be harsh but you won’t understand.

        As the person in charge of the forum, there are certain things I need not do. Anyone that wish to give me anything knows my contact or can easily get it. I’ve got few people that did it. Not necessarily luring me to ask for it.

        I’ve been here, I know what I go through behind the scenes, they want to lure you, they want to subject you, they want to trap you with mamaid-like gift and then control your actions.

        If that happens, you(viewer) will suffer most.

        From time to time I do get text from unknown people, admin you’re a good person. Pls use this for the week, do not share. God bless

        That’s the kind of gift I take.

        Let me stop there shaa.

  18. Eddy says:

    Admin i mustjoin numerous members of this honourable forum to specially thank u for ur ,,foresight and commitments towards bringing sanitiy this forum….bravo.it takes the strong and kindhearted to acheive this unprecdented feat….am going to take my time to post just one banker…admin pls take note…let us all join hands to make this forum a unique…admin we are with u all the way…i know some good people u must not ignore in this forum….they have been there right from the lengendry TOPIX FORUM….some of them are Lordben;Young;Gustavo and many others which i wil relate to you later in the dayon phone…i know their worth…why the special group you inagurated is a welcome development i will suggest that you put up a group of best pair compilers i think it will also help to boost members winings too…compiler alayo is also a good forecaster dont ignore him too…keep the good work….we appreciate…tnxs

    • Nice suggestion. Lordben i know. Young i can’t remember. Gustav is good but he doesn’t show up weekly, i know if i call on him, he’ll definitely want to help. But, that might be a kind of luring him into what he’s not mentally ready for at the moment. he’s on a mission for 3weeks banker streak in the regular forum. Wish him luck.

      Truth is.. There’s no guarantee that the people we are starting with in the special group are the best we’ll ever have. We also have a way of removing someone and fitting in new person. Anyone can work his way into the group.

  19. Idris Abdul says:

    Right now, I’m not in the right form of mind to start racking my brain because it needs rest. But I love your observation a lot that right now all I want to do is to go out there and stake all the above suggested copies but staking 5,6,33,34 higher. My candid advice to all stakers is to try all the copies, who knows so long you recover all staked amount when one plays.
    NOTE: Even if it fails to deliver, I’ll never regret staking it because I take responsibility for my actions and some stakers should also learn to take responsibility for their actions too. No body is forcing anybody to play their games, you play them out of your own willingness.

  20. Idris Abdul says:

    I’ll also try 5,6,20,21 and 25,26,20,21 because I wonder what they are saving that 20,21 for.

  21. buchai says:

    regular forum should not be ignored becuse of private forum.peopl are now posting their bankers without proof and if not regulated,by thursday this forum will record more than 200 post without foundation there by creating confusion to the users.i also witness that peopl are also posting their naps and plate numbers without any convinction to the users.their coments goes like this, try this game and appreciate on monday,what kind of expression is that or are u doing try ur luck aproach with ur hard earn purchasing power,walai this kind thing no fit help us here.

  22. Moneypenney says:

    For those asking for abandoned matches , the rule states that along as the match reached half time any thing that happens latter in the match pool will use the score line @ half time as result , now any promoter or agent who refuse to pay is a thief !

  23. john David says:

    really beautiful and resourceful and as a give away here are. 23, 5, 21 and 1 am giving for free thank me later

  24. Lench10 says:

    Who wants to b a millionaire dis weekend? It’s no joke! It’s for d daredevils & d online bettors in d house.
    U must be ready to pay me atlist 100k if d games deliver 100%.

    Once again, IT’S NO JOKE!
    All u need do is drop ur numbers nd I will holla @ u for free.

    PS. Admin, pls stand as a witness.

  25. Pools Archive says:

    please send me your game here: poolarchive16@gmail.com. And as for the return of 100k to you after result,I dont think that is realistic for me because history has taught me not to invest to the extend of expecting millions on return from pool betting in a single week whatever the guarantee. I can dare to dream with regard to online betting but if your combine odd will require that I bet above 2k to earn fair enough return,then do not mail me.

    @admin,it seems you mistakenly deleted my post at the premium corner. Please advise so I can repost. Those are my real bankers and that is the simplest way I can explain how to find them. Thank you.

  26. chikson121 says:

    Good evening sir! I posted my pair,you have not approved it, I haven’t seen it,I am Chikason by name. Please check it is 8 and 19 for this week.
    Or am I mistake in my explanation? Tnanks

  27. HARVEST says:

    09036636281 LENCH THATS MY NUMBER.

  28. CHUKS O. says:

    Lench, pls dis my numb. 08037836781

  29. Eduze says:

    Lench, my no is 08059189978.

  30. Jessyjames says:

    Lench dis is my number.08032 684063

  31. Nathaniel agbejesi says:

    Admin u’r such a wonderful person,may almighty God bless u 4 dis wisdom and more grace to prosper.

  32. Austingwu says:

    @lench10 my line 08160034314 pls wire d Tin. 100k is a deal ok.

  33. Eddy says:

    08030909920…that my nos bro….it is a deal.. admin take note of every one that is posting their numbers…

  34. innoboy says:

    mr lench pls i will so much appreciate ur help.08064189353 ready for the reward dat folows and thank u so much honourable admin for ur good works,keep it up

  35. omolodun ogunjobi says:

    @ lench u are a kind man with soft heart, Holla me on 08060843460..whatsapp

  36. SUREBANKER says:

    lench10 this is my no 08163002842 i am a big fan of u and i trust ur games

  37. Ray says:

    Mr lench. My number is 08130978907

  38. erico says:

    that’s the number @ lench10 07031324568

  39. Lench10 says:

    The offer ends on Erico. Any other additional name won’t be noted down.
    If I may,let me share a last week’s experience. A friend of a colleague placed a bet of N150 on 11draws last week bt #6 was d only game dat ruined his chance of winning about N42million. Ever since,d guy has been crying till now.
    U neva can tell wen tins might jst go ur way. Jst keep trying until u get it.

    I only pray dat God doesn’t go against dis second nd final key for d season.
    Expect to hear from me b4 Fri.

  40. Noble prince says:

    Tanx admin 4 dis great opportunity to help people. Mr Lench10 am in my no 09090813812

  41. Emy2016 says:

    Lench 10. please add me up am interested my number is 08035078155

  42. Dubem says:

    Givers Given
    Pls txt me ur no
    Its important
    Admin I hail u
    Pls post my txt

  43. Dubem says:

    Bro Lench 10 please am interested my no 08064094382
    Deal is deal

  44. kudi says:

    @ Lench, if ur game deliver 100%then ur money is for sure, this is my number, 08037956397

  45. Linto says:

    my no is 08039673128

  46. Idris Abdul says:

    @LENCH10 u know sey payback no b problem….09097977395


    10 hrs ·
    Don’t give me anything if it play thank God form week 4 it have not FL last week it play 23*24*33*34 so dis week go and make 5*6*25*26 I don’t have to tell you the key but you can call on +229633581 on whatsapp

    • Chy says:

      Dats my game man……..@ idris I think d game will play 20,21,23,24 & not 5,6,25,26. Also I have 3 weeks operation which this week 8 brought xxx4xxx45xxx then 10 PAIRS 20. Must 3/4

  47. Tacia says:

    Lench10 pls inbox me, 09095494949

  48. Nathaniel agbejesi says:

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  49. Draw Master says:

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  50. buchai says:

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  52. Ifiok eyo says:

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  53. Akan says:

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  54. essien says:

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  56. philip O says:

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  57. martins says:

    respect to the admin. pls my game played 3/5 last wk of which I staked #3000 pls admin Hw much I’m i to b paid?

  58. Ifiok eyo says:

    Admin thank you for updating solution tipster and also for approving my post, i have been trying to post in the past but never succeeded,thanks for today sir

  59. Toseno says:

    my dead game system did sumting funny during australian season. Instead of producing d customary 7 to 8 draws wich atmost 2 will play, it produced 3games wich produced 3 ova 3. D same ting has happened again n it producing 3draws.
    D numbas produced r
    I feel it will play 3ova3 jst lyk last tym so i advise evry1 in d auz to stake d game even if it is with 100naira

  60. Toseno says:

    lench10 abeg i d interested in ur game. If it delivers, d 100k won’t be a problem

  61. ogechukwu says:

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  63. Emerald says:

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    Oga, ADMIN, weldone. Longest time. U may not recognise me again. We did business a couple of times in 2014/2015 Season. I still have ur text in my fone.

  64. papa dreams says:

    Good day , ve b following this chat on LENCH10 Magic draws and it seems everyone is interested including me. Pls u do know dat most people know how to talk and not do especially when it involves money. I will advise dat our amiable friend should be magnanimous to post d game here an allow posterity to remember him. My candid opinion . Thanks admin ……pls ve observed dat dey r just posting plate numbers in d room can’t this be checked .?

  65. Joe says:

    @ Lench10, am so much interested in ur game. This is my number: 08165200828

  66. ete124 says:

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    Keep to ur word, for i and ma family wil b contented wit wot we have worked out n d mercy God decides to show us witout negotiations.
    When my time comes, no demon can stop it for “I wil not swell but i wil grow” in due time.
    If u swell, u go burst o… But if u grow, u wil wunt stand gi di gba….
    My blesing n promotion wil come witout negociation cos itz mercy i dnt dserv den God wil use any man he wants.
    Lench 10 try ur best, God go bless u if dis work evn if dem no give u kobo.
    …………..I SUSPECT 11 draws on Coupon, detail on friday if it stands d way i see it now.
    Make u na no vex o, cos no harm in trial of oportunity frm a sincere heart…………
    IS PASCHAL in d country @ all, d PETER of Solutiontipster……
    Na ur broda SOMAG121 b dis o @ 0803 091 0129

  71. Pexy says:

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  72. the don says:

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  73. Ifiok eyo says:

    While waiting for lench, innayo.com has x21x and x34x for week 8.all Sms to 08104130972. Week 9…

  74. Best says:

    Everybody is body is after winning but guys relaz, there is always probability. Nw check all d post and u see (tarila) hav dis week 8 game. Note, next week 9 ones every years watford at week number key. But tarila pls mak us free bros my is free. Dis wk lets try 4,5,19 nap 17,23 just trying.

    • Chris says:

      I HV d key too,by next week, let’s communicate and see whether is d same workings or different ones. Mine may play or ura may be

  75. Nathaniel agbejesi says:

    Please house I dnt knw if anyone ve game 14 as draw or cannot, I need ur opinion on dis game 14 with proof brothers.

  76. Luvday says:

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  77. felineno says:

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    game. If it delivers, d 100k won’t be a

  78. Nelson kporobu says:

    Good morning Admin, i find it very hard to join the new group of, any password i entered said is available already and also my email saying invalid. Don’t know what to do next

  79. John Paul says:

    Has anybody noticed that the sequence has changed?

  80. Sir hennesy says:

    @lench if u are sure of ur game, then inbox me the digits & expect more than 100k from me. (Sir hennesy abuja)

  81. John says:

    Admin, a very good morning to you. Pls, I want to pay for the expert zone through bank and I need the details. Thanks

  82. Degreat says:

    Pls Lench10 I am very much interested in ur game. This is my number: 08186006834 promise to pay the 100k when it plays. Thanks and God bless you as you include me.

  83. Mar4God says:

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  84. COMRADE says:

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  85. Lench10 says:

    People pls dis is my real number. 080790..091.
    Do not respond to any other number besides dis one. I heard some people have been sending messages demanding for money or cards claiming to be Lench10.
    Pls dey r impostors personating me. I will Neva ask for anything from u before service.


    • Mexy says:

      I got a msg few minute back sayin i am lench10 pay #1500 and get d game 7/7.

    • foundation911 says:

      guy I thought that u are the one that sent massage to me this morning requesting me to send #1500 card to this number 08100113255. but what pains me is that some people here does not know the kind of people they are dealing with. let the imposter b careful of dubious life the end is doom. at least follow the good work of Admin if u are in this forum.

  86. De Sampson says:

    Pls admin, one thing has been borthering me, and that is any body who is not ready to post anything immediatly should not even come up to say, I hv so so and so thing but I will post it saturday morning or afternoon.and in most cases they end up not posting at all….. PLS PLS PLS All those bla bla bla comments should stop for CHRIST sake. If anybody is having anything, nobody is forcing u to post, u post at will. Dont come here and begin to creat an unnecessary tenssion. I rest here. Thanks admin

    • Lench10 says:

      @de Sampson,well ur right. Dose who know me can vouch dat I will post it. I Neva meant to create unnecessary tension. If u noticed,i already closed down d offer on Erico,yet inspite of it people keep posting dia nos.

      I made dis public bcos I discovered somtin interesting & am out to help. I always say “wateva I feel is gud for me I share wit d public”.
      Somtins r not meant to be exposed too soon dats y I sed fri/sat.
      Guys pls be patient & trust dat I will post it. I keep to my words.

  87. G.caka says:

    Admin more grace to your able,for wisdom to organize this kind of forum
    For stakers,please be strong in your decision don’t look out anybody face ,
    Be straight in your judgement more grace to your able again,this is just a tip
    From the eye badge make sure you bring laws that will guide the forum and
    Make it work .

  88. Lench10 says:

    People pls dis is my real number. 080790..091.
    Do not respond to any other number besides dis one. I heard some people have been sending messages demanding for money or cards claiming to be Lench10.
    Pls dey r impostors impersonating me. I will Neva ask for anything from u before service.

    • odu says:

      pls the harp is too much and your number is not complete, kindly post the game early today to reduce the fraud going on here bcos me in particular has sent recharge card to someone claiming to be you before seeing this your message.
      to stop the impostor release the games thanks.
      Admin pls advise

      • Lench10 says:

        @Odu,pls a little patience. Out of experience I chose not to post it yet.
        Better delay nd win than b early nd lose.

        • meme Godwin says:

          God bless u lench10 ,my landlord has been distubing me for rent, to be sincere I have not paid my fee for two sections now, things are tough with my parents ,but I don’t kw how managed I clicked to Dis solotiontip size to see the great opportunity pls sir I need ur help so I can pay my bills, I need the game,i wil sincerely appreciate u. Am meme by name, did my digit.thank God bless u and give u more knowledge.

    • fortunes says:

      chai!!!! people are wicked. I received the text message demanding for #1500
      thank you my brother lench, God bless you for this information.

  89. XBlow says:

    My focus this wk8 is how to help parents/wards/STUDENTS pay school fees.If u wish to appreciate-fine.
    Wk8,2013,Gillingham@away5f(4ff&6xx). wk8,2014,Gillingham@away5f(4xx&6ff).wk8,2015,Gillingham@home6f(5xx&7ff).wk8,2016,Gillingham@home6(5&7)—I will release d nap on Saturday morning

  90. philip O says:

    Lench10 Thank God. I thought that you are the one demanding N1500 from me. This is a big shame to whosoever that is doing this. Every day is for the thief but one day is for the owner. Thank you for reacting fast. Admin take note.

  91. Emy2016 says:

    @Cindy pls which one is your banker pls indicate

  92. benjack says:

    Pls lech10, I so much need ur game. For dat am interested. Here’s my phone no:07034443809

  93. Justice says:

    lench10, pls I am interested in ur game and ready to comply with the 100k reward when it plays. my number is 07038482031. tanx.

  94. Nathaniel agbejesi says:

    @lench I ve have neva seen a God fearing person b4 ,I must say u r a gud man it’s only God dat will reward u 4 dat,of a truth if u really want to make gud money u would make alot wether d game plays or nt,Bt u Neva did thank u so much. Bt personally from me, it’s nt jst words it’s a promise. If d game are up to 7 games,I will play it both in pool and bet9j,I.e I wil pick 3 game frm it as my nap,wch I play at least 3k and d 7game bet9j & play it at least 2k, u jst calculate it,if d play I divided 3 & I wil snd one pat to u, dats my nb 08067500416 cal anytime and snd ur account details, please admin & d house bear witness.thanks

  95. CHUKS O. says:

    Nawaoo, so day ‘ve a lot of fraudsters here. u can imagine, someone sent me a text dis morning claiming to b d innocent guy lench10, asking me to send #1500 worth of airtime b4 he ‘ll send me d game & i said ok. but ‘ve not done it. pls u people should desist 4rm dat act.

  96. Victor says:

    Admin please someone is testing me claiming to be lench10 and he ask me to send him 1500 naira mtn card before sending me the 7/7 game and his phone number end wit 555 pls help me ask lench if he is not the one so that i will knw

  97. Eduze says:

    @Lench10, Tory don change? i receive a message supposedly 4m u requesting for 1500naira b4 sending d game u promised to be payment after winning, bob, na waa o!

  98. Amos says:

    pls @lench10, am new nd am interested in ur game nd will pay d 100k

  99. Pools Archive says:

    The guy lench10,
    I can tell that he is an honest man. We have established communication and I can assure you that the stuff he will bring you here is really cool. My advice is that you keep patient with him and he will really bring up those digits here as he promised. But my question is,would we still be expecting this bet companies to be in business by next week should his game deliver as expected with these too many give-me give-me. Please thread with caution.
    @lench10,thank you.

    • Luvday says:

      I was wondering same too @ pool archieve,bt bet companies are not like pool promoters dt wuld find excuses to deny one of his winnings wn d find out der was max winning frm synonymous digits.lets hope it delivers first talk more of d winning

  100. kudi says:

    This is the message I received now, from one imposter,,,,,,, Lench10 here..D games ll b jst 7 games which must play 7/7.am nt giving it to everyone.Only giving it to those who need it.for just 1500naira text if interested

    • Ella says:

      pls if you have the number that sent you message pls write it out so that we can know bcos dis person will still b sending it and some will people will fall victims

    • Victor says:

      This person that claim to be lench10 has succeded by collect 1500naira airtime from me but i still promise him the he will surely reap what he has sow in a due time…… Some people are very wicked…. This is the number he use collect the money from 08100113255 were ever he is, he can never go unpublished. Admin pls help me post this

  101. Ken says:

    @Lench10. Send me the game alongside your account number and name of bank. If it delivers as you said, I’ll pay the money into your account on Monday. Here is my number: 08130610012

  102. sugar says:

    pls if i see chest’field spelt like dis on record, pls how r my to count it? will i include d apostrophe mark?

    • peter frank says:

      For any counting of teams just use the team list of RSK papers: soccer, capital and Bob Morton.

      • Chy says:

        @ Peter Frank. I disagree with you. Reason, soccer always spell Aston Villa but in counting, Aston v. is what works. Please anybody dat knows this well should reply. Am very much interested.

  103. Wilson Anine says:

    nap 10*36*48* perm 31*40
    banker is 10*
    from capital week38
    prove too long

  104. ola says:

    Cha-!!! I don fall mugu. No problem 1500 won’t kill me but remember someday somewhere nd somehow u will be caught nemesis.wht u sow u shall definitely reap. Mr 419 who calms to be Lench 10. Don’t worry lench 10 is already greater than u. Here is d 419 number pls house be careful 08100113255.

  105. Charleston says:

    PLEASE HOUSE LETS PUT OUR mind TOGETHER AND CHECK WHAT THIS ALPHABETICAL ORDER OF HOME TEAMS STARTING FROM GAME 25 TO 29;#25(A)dershot,#26(B)arrow,#27(C)hester,#28(D)agenham,#29(E)astleigh;good forecasters can come up with 3 solid games hit me @08100040602 if find something #onelove

  106. Pexy says:

    Admin, pls i paid 1500 to this number 08100113255 in the morning, he claimed to be lench10 pls post this so hê can refund my money else hê will not go unpunished.

  107. Israel Emmanuel says:

    good Evening Mr Admin, and special greetings to Mr lench10 for coming out to help the needy at this era of change, i pray may God help you to deliver this game. this my no 08036339875 the name remain Israel. thanks

  108. Prince says:

    People should nt b sentimental here if lench is giving out his game I think it should be for evein this blog, weather d pool or bet companies go out of business is nt our business here wat about d ones we hav been losing to them did they care . Remember we are here to win

  109. Glory says:

    my phone showed his name as Se. here is his number 08100113255. he sent the message to me as well.

  110. omolodun ogunjobi says:

    It’s high time u act fast Lench10, about 8 people dis morning asked me for d guy number and I sent the one Dat ends with 555 to dem, 4.of them fell victims becos I made it clear to them dat as a forecaster I don’t buy games, he texted me early sensing I ve alot of fans on here and people really fell victims tru me and am not happy about Dat… Pls it’s high time u start contacting those that drop their numbers…. THANKS

  111. zak says:

    wk 8 , play 8.11.16 perm 42 or u just nap 8.11.16 . see u next week

  112. Donfrank says:

    I KNOW ADMIN WILL NOT POST MY COMMENT….LENCH10 DON FIRST COLLECT HIS 1500.later he will stil post the game and share wit those who joined hands in this scam.its well.post it if you like

    • If you paid the money simply accept that you were cheap and was sold. Stop whinning.

      Something that was openly promised to be given to you free. Then you got a text requesting for money before receiving the same thing. You didn’t suspect scam. You can’t call the admin to report?

      No even allow me talk.

  113. pfizzy says:

    hmm. I received over 30calls in less than 24hr after posting game here. to be sincere I’m glad. I hop meet ur high demand. pool is a 50-50 game. if u don’t want to lose than don’t play at all. am feeling d pressure at same time prayin. my game are for pool bettin. but u can go ahead with my banker online. stay bless.. patrickfizzy

  114. Crest says:

    As corrupt as Nigeria is, I can’t fathom y some guys can still fall to cheap trap like that. I also received that yeye text of 1500 from one motherfucker but as a wise guy , I knew he wasn’t lunch10 who clearly said he wld give us d stuff free. Nawa oooo! Una need to wise up o before u go sell your house without collecting cash

  115. chikson121 says:

    Sorry for dose victimized,but make no mistake abt it DAT u gave room to b decieved by an SMS from an unknown person after reading DAT u will get d game Free of Charge! Nigerians gat no patients n loves sharp movements so y d disguised Yahoo guy no go chop???
    Y respond to SMS demanding for airtime???
    Y not wait or depend on ur own forecast or free games???
    WHY not subscribe to d 1k to get access to d games of dis Top 4guys and a hot pair from d admin??? Which must give u cool cash.
    Y not seek d consent of d admin b4 responding to DAT criminal???
    Y u no alert d boss of solution tipster wen u got DAT crooked SMS???
    ………And for u is smart,no wahala BUT u must pay for it hence forth…
    D ground no go carry u dis week,d eyes u take read all dis comment no go see beta tin & DAT tin u dey plan again go fail u cos,u must b xposed…
    Now LENCH 10 who displayed d partial for reasons I guess is gud!
    Next time dnt request peoples contact if am nt mistaken u asked dem to drop,jus drop urs nex time or tel dem to watch for ur post on d day u wish to display it cos u cnt send sms to every on here with ur own money for d free game u wan give dem!!!
    Datz my candid advice to avoid dem pour scandal on u..
    VIEWRS hope I Neva hurt anybody,Na my mind I Tork
    I still no dey interested for any game cos I no wot stuff am made of,despite am nt a guru!!!
    I reserve my comments cos exactly wot I told some close ones here has happened n wot I predicted @ d end wil still go as I said!!! Na my work… so dnt b surprised!
    “””I told dem peter must betray Christ””” BT dem no blive, let’s wait for cock to crow, den we go no say peter get bad mind….. Lolzzz….

    Admin n all d house!!! no vex for dis long letter o,pardon my mistake n ova or under statements if any dictated
    Somag121 @ 0803 091 0129

    • Lench10 says:

      @chikson,u have spoken well. But if my memory is still fresh,i sed d offer was closed on erico. Dey were 19 in number wen I closed d offer nd it will cost me nothing to text dem,but everyone ignored dat part.
      Though I regret asking u guys to post ur numbers in public. I wud have posted mine bt imagine d incessant calls dat wud troop in while in office.
      As for ur proverbs, “Peter betraying Jesus nd waiting for d cock to crow”,u go wait tire bcos dis Peter will betray no one nd dat cock go wait tire as well.

  116. fortunes says:

    @Donfrank, don’t be rude here, learn how to talk, if you are wise enough u wouldn’t have fallen for that cheap scammer
    that same text massage was sent to me and I even commented on that. yet you guys went and paid that cheap frustrated fool that is looking for just 1500. don’t insult anybody here if you fell for that fool.

  117. Lench10 says:

    I sincerely apologise to all dose who were victimised by whoever he is.
    By God’s special grace u will all recover ur losses nd wit gains. It’s simply a trial.
    I believe d devil himself tried me today by crashing my fone(a tab barely a yr old) dis early Friday morning of all days,but it’s been fixed. D Admin nd Nathaniel can attest to it bcos I called dem to let dem know.
    I hope it’s a gud sign.
    As Pfizzy ritely sed “pool is a 50/50 game” nd anytin can happen,it doesn’t mean dat I don’t trust my games.

    And as for d impersonator tarnishing my name nd image,ur gud. I tried tracking ur line bt u were wise to get a new sim for d job which is untraceable. but know dis,vengeance is of d Lord’s nd don’t u for once tink u have gotten away wit it. Don’t blame d Almighty if u nd ur relations get plagued,for by doing dis evil to dose managing d little dey have u have incurred a curse on ur self.

    I sincerely apologise to everyone again. D games will be posted dis evening.

    Ps And pls,do not ignore d expert zone, d top four can really help alongside megamind’s unfailing pair.

    Ur humble fellow forecaster,

  118. Harry'z says:

    I don’t think i can be scammed in diz Naija oh ; i recieved d msg asking me tu pay #2000…den i replied saying… Lench10, i thot yu said it waz 100k after win, den d person relied asking for #1500 instead, at dat moment i knew it waz scam, cuz y repliyin dat same number dat he sud not worry abt d games again, another number txt me again claimin he waz Lench10, i laughed at dem both and dey hanged off d fone… Don’t knw y some ppe re even ready tu scam some1 at every little chance they get, instead of yu tu appreciate some1 who’s ready tu help, yu want tu first aleast scam d numbers dere and wen d game come yu will still play IT…na wa oh …little money wit BIG curse…

  119. Lench10 says:

    Online : 6xx,8xx,15xx,19xx,21xx,22xx,34xx,44xx, 33/35
    Perm & online: 6,15,19,21,22.
    Nap: 6,15,19
    Pls to dose I sent sms, d pair is 33/35 not 33/36.
    Expect all d proofs later.
    Play nd pray. Good luck.

  120. Luvday says:

    Pls let us all play d position of nottmpton and A.wimbledon and its opponent in d previous week as draw dt is coventry and rochdale .nap ds way
    ( 5, 10, 26, 29 )and ( 2,7 10, 19,22)

  121. Nathaniel agbejesi says:

    I posted xxx 6xxx as my banker dis wk, now I decided to post dis game here bcos of wat lench10 as done,admin pls 4giv me jst wen to help, pls my brothers play it jst try. 6x15x30x42x45.

  122. Tennywonder says:

    bless u brother….may d good God bless d admin and everyone in diz forum…I pray d game should play has u av drop dem!!!..eshegon@ Lench10

  123. Lench10 says:

    Wk4. 4+7(Sunday DOP)= 11xx
    From 11 count 4down= 14xx
    11 count 8down= 18xx & 17xx
    11 count 7 & 10 up= 5xx & 2xx.

    Do d same to wk8
    Wk8. 8+4(Sunday DOP)= 12ff
    From 12 count 4 down=15xx
    12 count 8down= 19xx & (18)
    12 count 7 & 10 up= 6xx & 3pp

    Nb: one of d draws must be postponed in wk8 & 12ff.

    Ref.: Last yr wk4 & wk8

    Wk4: count 5 up from d bottom bar of league 2, d away team to draw in wk5 – 44xx
    Notts co (A) opp to draw in wk5 – 43xx

    Nb: dey started wit a twin chain.

    Wk5: count 5 down from d top bar,d away team to draw in wk6 – 38xx

    Wk6: count 5 up from bottom bar,home team now to draw in wk7 – 44xx
    Notts co (A) opp to draw in wk7 – 44xx

    Nb: it’s now dealing wit home team nd came in agreement wit notts co to produce d only draw. One more home team left.

    Wk7: count 5 down from top bar,home team to play in wk8 – 21xx
    Notts co (A) opp to draw in wk8 – 22xx

    Nb: notts co’s opp started on top to bring twin chains nd now to end at d bottom to bring another twin chains.

    Is it a coincidence?

    Wk5 – 2draws
    Wk6 – 1 draw
    Wk7 – 1 & only draw
    Wk8 – 2draws

    (Purple only) Anytime u c Aldershot under bar look for Woking (A) to count 3 down & a game – 34xx & 33/35 & to pick d nxt family below – 44xx

    Ref. Wk8 2013, 2016 & wk20 2016.

    Anytime dere appears 13draws,wait to c d last draw in advance wk to repeat d following wk(3rd wk)
    Wk6 – 13draws
    Wk7 – 44xx last draw
    Wk8 – 44xx to repeat.
    Ref. 2016 English Wk12-14, wk14-16, Aussie wk47-49 & failed in wk1-3
    Nb: it doesn’t work more Dan 3times a yr.

    Coventry opponents
    Wk4 Swindon vs Coventry – Swindon to play game under in wk5 & Coventry (H) to count 3up & 4down
    Wk5 Coventry vs Shrewsbury – opp to play game under in wk6 & Coventry (A) to count 4down only
    Two movements complete.
    Wk6 Bradford c vs Coventry – opp to play self in wk7 & Coventry (H) to count 3up & 4down.
    Wk7 Coventry vs Northampton – opp to play self in wk8 & Coventry (A) to count 4down only to pick Northampton. 8xx.

    Am exhausted.

  124. KSTAR says:

    Good day all I just discovered that a system I hv been waiting for in Bob Morton set this WK08
    9 &18
    Pay ur children school fee.
    For clarification., watsapp: 08028320784
    Oga admin help post for all tipster members, it has always play 4/5

  125. Lench10 says:

    I just received another report dat someone has been giving out games in my name.
    Dis is d number: 08143865130
    Name: Donald frank of ExxonMobil.
    Beware of d number.

  126. Chigreat24 says:

    Week8 key for all excluding week9. Win Win Win. I’v been seeing some person’s here parading with d games i posted ealy dis wk, hmm nawa sha. Go 2 week 6 last season and dis season, u will see Liverpool @ no1 and Mancity @ no3 away, Westham vs Bounemouth untop of bar, mark Leicester @ home, Afc Winbodle @ away to draw and Leyton o @ away to play game up. 3/3. Week7 last yr, go 2 wk7 2014, Wolves must b @ no 22 ontop of bar, it’s opponent 2 meet Bolton @ away 2 play and play up game, Sunderland 2 draw @ away. 3/3, 2pair 10. Wk8 play PLS B INFORM THAT WEEK9 WHICH WILL B D 4TH WEEKS OPERATN WIL B NO FREE AND NO NEGOCIABLE. THANKS.08068150789.

  127. CHUKS O. says:

    @Lench10. I think wat u said is through. b/c i also received an a call who says his name is donald, telling me to pay #2000 so dat he ‘ll send me game, but i told him am not interested.

  128. Nathaniel agbejesi says:

    Lench10 I appreciate ur kind did,doe d lost was high Bt tnk God,pool lecture nice one keep it up.admin to rest of us in house better week ahead.

  129. Bigwealth says:

    Nice meeting u in d house. I’m a 1st time visitor here. Oportunity they say comes but once, therefore hesitate not to smile 2 d bank with the following: 16, 25, 44. Goodluck

  130. Bigwealth says:

    Nice meeting u in d house. I’m a 1st time visitor here. Oportunity they say comes but once, therefore hesitate not to smile 2 d bank this week 9 with the following: 16, 25, 44. Goodluck!

  131. ENE EDET says:


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