Week 07 Uk Football Pools Cannot Room

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Week 07 UK pools dead games

Kindly post your dead games for the week in the comment box.

dead games

N.B. You must attach a proof to any dead game you post, else your comment will not be approved. This is a compulsory demand. We don’t want everyone to litter here with numbers. We only need dead games with concrete proof.


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  1. godsfavour adam says:


    • Nelson kporobu says:

      Hmmm dose that mean that week number wont play for d season? U guys shoud be carefull with this pool o.2&7 may produce 1 draw o

  2. bonafide staunch manchi says:

    my chief dead game for week 7 is number 15….proof: anytime the first alphabet of the home team at number 6 is M in special advance fixtures record, kindly locate number 23 and count the total alphabets of the home and away teams to give you a sure DEAD GAME for the week. references: 2015 weeks 4, 15, 17, 20, 22, 38, 40, 43

  3. bonafide staunch manchi says:

    another dead game is number 48. proof: last draw number in previous week of 2015/2016 season corresponding with present week 0f current 2016/2017 season is a DEAD GAME. REFERENCE: week 4 2015/2016 last draw number failed in week 4 this current season and so on….

    • Estimable says:

      I dey laugh you, so this is how u prove that a game is dead.Till it plays in ur pocket ur eye go clear

  4. bonafide staunch manchi says:

    I will gladly place a bet with anyone who dares me that number 15 and 48 are possible draws. Here’s my contact 08143038884.

  5. bonafide staunch manchi says:

    I place heavy stake on 5 to 8 dead games weekly. So I’ll gladly bet with anyone who dares my collection of dead games that i intend to invest on for good profit this week.

  6. kefas says:

    l salut every poster here but u pple should stick to admin rules pls, person c dead game pls don’t argue here to him, go to discussion platform. tnx.

  7. Idris Abdul says:

    48xxx must
    Wk7 2013 ross co 48 away draw, wk7 2014 dundee 48 home draw, wk7 2015 dundee 48 home draw and dis wk7 2016 ross co 48 away banker.
    48cbk prove from capital………………….
    2 date of play plus together…………………..

  8. Moneypenney says:

    Look for crystal .p and bouremouth their vacation to draw @ the back for 2 draws n fail the following week , last week the jamed @ 2 to play Arsenal .
    Chelsea @ home goto advance vacation u see sunderland both dead games
    >chief cannot 38???

    • Paschal says:

      I have 2 and 7 in my dead game too. However, I dont know what killed 38 oooo.

      Few of my friends think it is a draw game; but, if you can kill it, kindly do that for me ooooo.

      I nor wan lose money this week oooo.

      Meanwhile, if you need my dead games, you can either WhatsApp me on 07030635051 or click on my name.

      Please, no call ooooo. Just WhatsApp; thanks!!??

  9. cindy says:

    soccer Research, any game that carried 1% is unlikely to draw, No4 Hull vs Man U 1%, dead n buried

  10. Moneypenney says:

    @pool Archive , remember the Brentford movt , from Brentford count 5up for a banker now this Wk date of play no Brentford , now 5up 10??? .

  11. kefas says:

    guys, b cautious wit 9. proove: count 6up from Brentford ur ans is DEAD. ref wks4 to 11 2015/16 n wks4,5,6 n now wk7. but remember anytin fit happen in pools, if na ur banker make u use am ooh!

  12. LORDBEN says:

    Man city)@(6)home
    no drw yet 6?
    wk7 2016/17

  13. In addition to number 15 and 48 that i posted earlier as dead games with proofs, my final 10 dead games i intend to stake heavily on are: [1-4-6-10-11-15-23-34-42-48].

    • Paschal says:

      I can’t make up my mind yet on 34 and 42, but be careful with 48 ooo oooo.

      Outside these three numbers above, the rest are already in my dead games.

  14. martins says:

    17 to fail!!! prove, Man u on top of Swansea, Cardiff at home to fail but drew d previous wk since d beginning of d season. ref. wk5 but drew in wk4,,,wk7ff but drew in wk6

    • Paschal says:

      Is this what you are using to kill 17? Have you checked the opponent of Cardiff in the weeks you referenced?

      Cardiff plays Reading this weekend for a purpose; so, believe in yourself oooo but apply caution.

  15. Godwin Uke says:


    3 = HOME WIN
    6 = HOME WIN
    8 = AWAY WIN
    11 = HOME WIN
    13 = AWAY WIN
    18 = AWAY WIN
    28 = HOME WIN
    30 = HOME WIN
    32 = HOME WIN
    44 = HOME WIN




  16. crest says:

    Add the digits of void game number to die. week 7- 1+6= 7dead n buried

  17. Blu101 says:

    Chelsea on top of crystal palace! Preston at home to draw! But if it goes away it ll not.

    6, 19, 33, 48

  18. Moneypenney says:

    Brentford @ date of play to fail n play the following week n its family numbers to fail .
    Wk4 to Wk5
    6FF following Wk5 6** 16 , 26, 36 , 46*= 0/4
    Wk5 to Wk6
    13FF following Wk6 13** 3 , 23,33,43 =0/4
    Wk6 to Wk7
    20FF following Wk7 20??? 10 , 30 , 40 = ?/3

  19. Basco says:

    WEEK 7: no. 27 is cannot draw. Prove: in the banker platform, I have already proven 26 n 28 as two banker (ref, pls.) That is up & down of no 27 for the 27 to fail. The sum of away 1st & last letters @ no 2 in week 4 & 6 was Blackpool (22 & 27 respectively) to draw and fail the following week. So, no 27 (Blackpool) drew last week, therefore, avoid no 27 this week 7 but rather bank on games up and down (ie 26&28).

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