Week 07 Nap Market

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Welcome To Week 07 NAP market at solutiontipster.com

We are aware that some people source their games expensively and resell the games while others are there to sell their discoveries. We decided to create this channel to enable NAP sellers the opportunity to market and sell their games without any restriction..

All protocols carefully observed, we believe fans of this amiable site can benefit from the existence of nap sellers in this football pool community. Thus, the birth of this thread.

Happy posting.

P.S. If you are a Pool Compiler or NAP seller, note that before your comment gets approved, you must contact (08174943732) the admin for terms and conditions. We have to ensure that only genuine and serious compilers exist in the nap market; thus we charge for the post. No small boy is allowed.

P.P.S. Be warned that I (admin) neither monitor nor control the activities of Anyone selling on this platform and therefore cannot account for anyone.

Good luck everyone

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  1. EVA says:

    I welcome all of you in this new English season, i have come to do what I know how to do better,your winning this Week07 is 100% guarantee .
    If you want to buy car,rent appartment, pay your bills connect with me this season.
    Your winning this Week07 cost three thousand naira only(#3,000) interested person should contact me for account details.
    EVA, Mr.nobody before God.

    • philip O says:

      I am surprised that you did not even proof one banker to convince the house to encourage them to play your game. I thought that every game under the NAP Market goes with atleast a proven banker.. Pls do the right thing just like others. Thanks.

  2. esiri says:

    Greetings to all in house Anyday monday,tuesday etc u see this premier league fixture watford vs arsenal,locate oxford united in any league as a fixed draw wk7 mark xxx30xxx.and 2 other numbers.first meetin of arsenal vs watford 30 april 1983 (oxford vs lincoln 1v1).1 september 1984(oxford vs portmouth 1v1),tuesday 1 april 1986(southampton vs oxford 1v1).28 november 1987(everton vs oxford 0v0).22 april 2000(oxford vs brentford 1v1).tuesday 26 december 2006(oxford vs wokin 0v0) last sison wk14 (leyton o vs oxford 2v2) if it apeals to u the fee is 3000 refundable should the games failed.al i need is 12 persons. contact me via 09085659084 esiri

    • I discussed with Esiri and the payment process goes thus…

      You pay into admin bank Account. If the game fails you get a refund.

      My bank account
      First bank – 3081088800
      Name – Igwilo Raphael.

      After payment, send depositor name and phone number to my number 08174943732 and that of Esiri. I’ll then send him confirmation once I get alert.

      NOTE – Should in case you’re to get a refund, I’ll deduct N200 while sending your refund.

      Reason – I’ll be charged SMS and transfer fee while transferring your money back to you. Also, a lot of SMS conversation between me and Esiri. Na money

      Please if you can’t afford that, do not pay. Tankio

  3. Pools Archive says:

    This is the most reason approch to selling game on this forum. Thank you admim for allowing the procedure,and esiri for charting a fair course.

  4. EVA says:

    If you find it difficult reaching me with the previous phone number you can as well contact me via 08161665673

    • Pools Archive says:

      Please do the needful, show proof to one of your games before your multiple adverts.
      Thank you.

  5. obinna says:

    to the admin I like ur way of doing things

  6. Please anyone should take his comment to discussion room, comments directing to this nap market is getting much.

  7. EVA says:

    Any one who cannot afford #3,000 to buy my game this week should make use of my pair. 13 /23. If you need my complete game contact me for payment info.
    EVA,Mr.nobody before God.

  8. martins says:

    please admin will u accept Mobile transfer?

  9. Please Esiri’s offer has closed. He needed 12 persons and 13 persons have paid into my account.

    The offer has closed.

  10. declan says:

    WK 04, 17XX
    WK 06, 26XX
    WK 08, 08XX
    WK 04 + CODE 10 = 14XX
    WK 06 + CODE 10 = 16XX
    WK 08 + CODE 10 = 18XX

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