Week 06 UK Football Pools Betting: Cannot Room

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You are highly welcome.

Week 06 UK pools dead games

Kindly post your dead games for the week in the comment box.

dead games

N.B. You must attach a proof to any dead game you post, else your comment will not be approved. This is a compulsory demand. We don’t want everyone to litter here with numbers. We only need dead games with concrete proof.


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  1. Adeyemi says:

    well done 4 d great job done, more grace 2 ur elbow

  2. Godstime says:

    since Australia, Saturday date of play is always dead game when you add it together. If it is single take it the way it is.
    So if you add 2+0 it will result on number 2 as dead game of this week 6.

    • Saint E.G says:

      Bro take 2 very serious is a good game ooo. Cos my two keys point at 2

      • Godstime says:

        Check number 22 home team first alphabet = 2 dead
        Check number 46 home team fisrt
        alphabet = 2 dead
        All these games started since week 47 been the first week of Australia.
        I still have seventeen of them that never smell draw since the first week of Australia.

        • Saint E.G says:

          This week is going to break record, M confident about it. Lets watch out

          • Godstime says:

            I hope so, I am even praying for a miracle to happen so that from next week i can be free to use any number that enters there. I wish you good luck.

  3. LORDBEN says:

    oldham at 24aw no drw yet
    wk11,22 2013/14
    wk7,27 2014/15
    wk6 2016/17

  4. Aizebeoje Moses says:

    Pair -3/4

    Proof- wk 5
    Mancity vs sunderland-8
    Middlesbro vs stoke-9**

    now they interchange

    wk 6
    sunderland vs middlesbro-3?
    stoke vs mancity-4?


  5. Paschal says:

    Good day house, the following numbers are in my dead games for the week. If you have them as bankers, use them with caution.

    24, 42, 48, 18. Plymouth on top of Portsmouth is a dead game. Bury is also dead because Bob Morton rated it as 007 on page two. Soccer killed 18,

    For a full list of my dead games for this week, kindly visit http://newsbeatportal.com/mobile/soccer-betting-predictions-banker-games/

    I have two strong pairs for this week; check solution tipster banker page room for them.

    Happy winning!!!

  6. Paschal says:

    This post is very sensitive, but need to share it to the whole house.

    Check the back of capital and you will see the expert Colin where you have just three games listed.

    If you turn to the front of capital on the list where you have 1 – 15. Any game from that expert list that entered on position no. 1 and at the same time appear at No. 1 on the top right first list is dead.

    Check last week you will see No 3 and that is why it failed.

    This week is No. 8 that has taking the position. Do your analysis and see if 8 has any chance of playing with 7 this week. Thanks

    • PANEL says:

      Pls pas my broda call dis no 08067035298 to discus no 7 I like it

    • Pools Archive says:

      Tthis is why you must be very careful while banking on 8 and 7 as cannots: week 47 morton full list,game 48 moved to short list 22=47xx.
      This week,it’s 8??
      Also, from week,game 9 of winster treble jinx for a draw,8??
      Then,in week5 we had 37 as one of the two games in front of soccer. Working:
      watford at 10
      check capital cannot draw,it was 10xx
      This week we have 34 in front of soccer;3+4=7 and watford is there. Check if you find 7 as cannot draw in capital, taking note of the reverse system from right to left or otherwise in soccer and the fixture of watford from away to home on coupon. Let me know here if you can still bold enough to tip 7 and 8 as cannots on your white coupon. Infact I make bold to attempt this chain vision this week:

      • Pools Archive says:

        Also,look about 42dead here:
        games rated
        on soccer 12x presented us with 6/6 in week4 and week5. This week they are:
        Are we having another 6/6 draws or 6/6 cannots-ask me who gave birth to God and my answer will be I dont know. Bye for now.

  7. cindy says:

    soccer research any games that carried 1% is not likely to play, so beware of WATFORD vs CHELSEA No7

  8. LUVDAY says:

    TAKE NOTE OF THIS ARCHIEVE ( 7,8,12,13,18,27,31,41,44) FOR ONE DRAW

    • obidora says:

      These games you chose as dead games are correct draws, I don’t know about the others. 13, 7 ,18, &27 Use these games please

  9. LUVDAY says:

    31 AND NOT 3.

  10. Eduze says:

    @Luvday. Dont doubt 8 and 41. they are likely d draws among ur dead games.

  11. Nwachinaemere says:

    @LUVDAY.. NO 8 is going to play draw

  12. GOLDENGILO says:

    I strongly advise stakers to desist from using 8 as a banker this wk.Those who are parading No 8 this wk will gnashing their teeth by Saturday 5pm

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