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Welcome To Week 05 NAP market at solutiontipster.com

We are aware that most people source their games expensively and most resort to selling the games while others are there to sell their discoveries. We decided to create this channel to enable NAP sellers the opportunity to market and sell their games without any restriction..

All protocols carefully observed, we believe fans of this amiable site can benefit from the existence of nap sellers in this football pool community. Thus, the birth of this thread.

Happy posting.

P.S. If you are a Pool Compiler or NAP seller, note that before your comment get’s approved, you must contact (08174943732) the admin for terms and conditions. We have to ensure that only genuine and serious compilers exist in the nap market; thus we charge for the post. No small boy is allowed.

P.P.S. Be warned that I (admin) neither monitor nor control the activities of Anyone selling on this platform and therefore cannot account for anyone.

Good luck everyone

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  1. Harry Wilson says:

    Week 04 and 05 two weeks operation (100% sure NAP).
    week 04 is gone with half payment. I couldn’t post any of week 04 game either for sale nor for free because i want to be sure if its a genuine key that i acquired and week 04 has proved me right. Here is week 05 and last operation of my two weeks operation. Week 05 100% sure NAP is N5,000 non-negotiable. If you can’t afford it, use this for free:
    Week 05: xxx?xxx xxx12xxx xxx?xxx
    Call: 09094476672.

  2. RISING SUN-BETS says:

    Good afternoon all fans and members.
    Welcome to week 5 English season.
    The Aussie has ended for us with 5 weeks of winnings out of 8 weeks.
    Our statistics for the last English season is also outstanding.

    So we move on.

    We do have a five weeks system key to deliver winnings for you dis English season.

    The second key is called the code FLEETWOOD SYSTEM KEY

    This system key is just second of the five acquired systems keys we possess at the moment.

    Here is the analysis below


    >>>BARNET must be home at family of 5
    >>>CAMBRIDGE U. must be away on coupon
    >>>the scoreline of FLEETWOOD MATCH and it’s down game in week 4 must be 1-1
    >>>SWINDON must be away at 26
    >>>The sum of dates of play of the week must give the position of SCUNTHORPE.

    When the system sets as specified above, kindly do the following:

    Get ur papers and go to week 4, 2015

    Doncaster (1) — BURY (1) 28xx
    Fleetwood (1) — Southend (1) 29xx

    As shown above, game 29 must play and also play the UP GAME because FLEETWOOD is at HOME.
    ***set your eyes on that BURY***

    Now go to the following week 5, 2015

    BURY — Swindon 26xx

    this BURY must meet Swindon the following week as shown above to give u our confirmed banker 26xx and two other games (34xx and 36xx).

    Go to week 4, 2016

    Northampton (1) — Fleetwood (1) 17xx
    Oxford utd (1) — CHESTERFIELD (1) 18xx

    As shown above, game 17 must play and also play the DOWN GAME because FLEETWOOD is at AWAY.
    ***set your eyes on that CHESTERFIELD***

    Now go to the following week 5, 2016

    CHESTERFIELD — Swindon 26xx

    this CHESTERFIELD must meet Swindon the following week as shown above to give u our confirmed banker 26xx and two other games (x and x). These two other games are promoted using special analysis which we can only reveal to our customers.

    Don’t even try to guess it.

    Confirmed banker: 26xx

    Confirmed nap: 26, x, x


    THE PRICE FOR THE COMPLETE NAP IS 5000 NAIRA ONLY. (to be sold to new buyers only)

    Payments can be made to the following account number

    Account Number: 2080665504
    Account Name: Ojale Confidence
    Bank: Zenith bank

    “QUITTERS NEVER WIN AND WINNERS NEVER QUIT”…So let’s win together!!! 

    You can contact us through any of the following means below:


    EMAIL: risingsunbets@gmail.com

    CALLS: 09059941603

    WHATSAPP: 09059941603

  3. Prince says:

    Mr Harry wat happen in situation dat d game didn’t play bcos is pool and nobody knws all, anything can happen

  4. Prince says:

    I knw is nt am easy thing but u people should try and help dose who are buying and play wt money, for d fact dat u give free game to ur customers untill dey win doesn’t mean dey are nt losing so pls try more.

    • RISING SUN-BETS says:

      @Prince, yes thanks for that… RISING SUN-BETS will continue to acquire the best system keys available for all customers…. just stick with us and ur winning is definitely sure.

  5. Harry Wilson says:

    Mr Prince, i acknowledged your comments. Thank you very much. But know this for sure that i don’t play pool on a weekly basis because i don’t forecast, i only play pool whenever my key sets and that makes my possibility of winning pool very high… Thank you once again.

  6. RISING SUN-BETS says:

    Our games have been successfully sent to all buyers and subscribers.
    Payment is still on till Friday
    Call us now on 09059941603 to get our complete nap

  7. Kingkosoko says:

    The appearance of grimsby @46 this week5 controls 26*19*13*9….week6 30pair32…..week7 18pair21…..$250 per week 08035746577

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