Week 05 Champions List: Respect To Every Name Here.

On behalf of every user of this blog, i heartily appreciate the effort of each and every one of you who posted his or her banker/game in week 05… I value you alotz.

Here Are The Men Who Deserve Our Standing Ovation In Week 05..


  1. Peter Edet with 6cbk
  2. Pepe with 10cbk and 39cbk… Please stop leaving multiple post in the forum, we don’t accept it.
  3. GoldenGilo with 38cbk and 43cbk
  4. LORDBEN with 19cbk
  5. Okoye Oye with 42 cbk
  6. Luvday with 43cbk
  7. LaCristo with 9cbk… Please apply more value to your post next time
  8. ChiBu with 9cbk
  9. Ifeco don KC with 6cbk pls apply more value to your post next time
  10. SURE BANKER with 27cbk
  11. Saint E.G with 9cbk
  12. Baymaster with 38cbk
  13. Omolodun Ogunjobi with 25cbk
  14. Engr Progress with 9cbk
  15. Blue101 with 9cbk



  1. Trendy Tony with 41ff pair 42xx
  2. XBlown with 37ff pair 38xx
  3. Bobota with 19ff pair 40ff
  4. Felineno with 28xx pair 39xx
  5. The game with 27xx pair 29ff
  6. Nicodemus n with 12ff pair 27xx
  7. LORDBEN with 26ff pair 27xx
  8. Pools Achieve with 19xx pair 43xx
  9. Scaler with 24ff pair 27xx
  10. Nelson Kporobu with 3ff pair 6xxx
  11. Peterscope with 16ff pair 30xx
  12. Blue with 12ff pair 27xx

Winning Lines

  1. Scaler with 3/4 winning line
  2. Blue101 with 3/3 and 4/5 winning line

Politely seek my attention if your game delivered and you didn’t disobey the rule but i didn’t include your name in the list. i will do it.

We use this weekly report to keep track of those performing better in the house..

Please if your games have played the number of times  required for you to win our prize. Kindly remind me. Tankio

We immensely appreciate your efforts . Gracias in the highest. We are grateful






  1. Solutiontipster Admin 2 years ago
  2. Blu101 2 years ago
  3. LORDBEN 2 years ago
  4. Intel88 2 years ago
  5. OMOLODUN OGUNJOBI 2 years ago
  6. Santos 2 years ago
  7. ochmann 2 years ago
  8. Commander 2 years ago
  9. megito 2 years ago
  10. felineno 2 years ago
    • COMRADE 2 years ago
  11. okoye oye 2 years ago
  12. LaCristo 2 years ago
  13. Ifeco don kc 2 years ago
  14. Scaler 2 years ago






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