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Just For 10 Persons Alone.

I would have announced this before now but the site problem we encountered here swayed my attention. Thank God it is now back and running again.

I made arrangement with owner of one of the top pool forecasting papers to buy their key for this English season. I won’t mention name for security reason since we are in a public forum; those that are closer to me already know. The booklet contain 8 keys that will play through the season.

The Price is N50,000 but we will do it this way – for only 10 persons. Pay a contribution of N5,000 to my account and i will get the 50k to purchase the booklet.

Here’s how you will receive your own copy.

1. For those that are not in Aba, i will scan the booklet and send to you through your email address to download and print out.


2. If you are in Aba, you can come to my office at No 21 Pound Road to collect your copy. You also have the option of receiving it through your email. Your choice.

If You Are Ready
Text – “i will pay 5k this week” to my phone number 08174943732 and i will send you my bank account with instruction on how to confirm your payment. We won’t be able to meet up in buying the booklet this week 4, you will therefore receive and start using it in week 5. Nothing to hide, you will see the company name and price on the booklet cover.

P.S. Please no one should call me to ask interview questions like – “Are You for real”, “Are you sure you will send it to me”? i will definitely give you a funny answer. If you don’t trust me, no problem, it is not your fault. Country is tough.

P.S.S. Kindly call to ask about anything you will like to confirm.. but let your question be matured.

Lastly, i will not want to over circulate the booklet since over exposure of key is risky. Once i get 10 paid persons i will withdraw the offer. ACT FAST, if you want to be part.

Raphael Igwilo
SolutionTipster Admin

Another Espo – To those that subscribed to my betting tips few months back (either May/June) before i stopped offering paid tips due to my numerous engagements, i haven’t forgotten that it didn’t go well. in due course (within the next month), i will make you an offer that is capable of changing your life like it did to mine. Somehow somehow, i can still trace your contacts..

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  1. oskino says:

    i so much love you admin

  2. tony says:

    Plsease sir include me inside it.

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