Last week, one of us suggested that we introduce subscription for anyone visiting this blog to curb the reckless comments made by most users. I understand  the innocence in his suggestion but I cannot adopt it because it will be an act of selfishness and thereby kill the spirit of individuals here especially those that are working so hard for our growth.

But I thought of something.. Something great!

What if I create a platform that allows exceptional performers in the house to be in one room with big boys/men who are willing to lose some token to get the best? The money realized will be used to adequately settle these exceptional performers based on their performance rank. This will make everyone sit up in order to get good pay for their effort and performance.

Breakdown of the whole idea….

The site/blog remains accessible to everyone free of charge.
Only registered members will be allowed to post a comment to reduce fake identity.
We will introduce two more topics – (Daily Tipster competition: Expert zone) And (Weekly football pools Bankers and Pairs With Experts in the house)
There will be paid membership – Only paid members will access the two new topics above. And the money received from these paid members will be used to pay the selected experts in the room. The room will also be freely accessible to these selected experts – they do not have to pay.

How To Choose The Experts………

<1> Daily Tipster Competition – Expert Room: Only top five tipsters will be allowed to post here. To start with, I will select top five performers since the inception of tipster competition in this blog – I already know them. They will be moved to the expert room. At the end of each new month, any of the tipsters that score the smallest point will be relegated to the public tipster competition while the tipster who won the public tipster competition for that month will be promoted to the expert room. It continues that way. Winner of Expert competition will get N10,000, Second position will get N5,000, the Third position will get N2000 and the Fourth position will get N1,000 while the Fifth position gets relegated to public tipster competition. The prize in our public tipster competition remains unchanged. This will go a long way in motivating the participants to research hard before they post game and also encourage more experts to join the forum. This, in turn, will bring high percent of winning and cordiality to the house, especially in the expert room.

<2> Weekly Bankers And Pairs With Experts In The House: Here, a group of 6 to 10 gurus in the house will be inducted into the room to post their best Banker, Pair Or Winning Line. LordBen, MoneyPenny, Pools Archive, Onyeka etc – I already know them. There will be full coordination in the house as the chosen experts will be allowed to post just one and only set of game per person in a week.  Also, there will be compensation plan for these chosen experts, like N500 per successful weekly post or thereabout. Anyone that fails to deliver winning banker or pair for three consecutive weeks will be relegated to the general weekly forum While those that win the 3 or 4 weeks banker streak in the public forum will be promoted to the expert room. There will be steady winning in this room, I have a strong feeling about that. I will also unleash my HIDDEN idea one can use to tap fully from the great gathering of these gurus – No pranks.

The Paid membership will cost any interested person a token of N1000 or $5 per month to join. The generate fund will be used to pay the Merited Experts and extra admins(yes, I am hiring assistant admins, before I quench) in the forum. this will ginger everyone to work harder and thereby improve the winning percentage of the room.

If you like this idea and is willing to participate, send “I Am Ready” to my phone number +2348174943732. If I get 30 to 50 text messages, I’ll implement the idea from next week.

P.S. I will keep on increasing the prize money shared among the Merited Experts in the expert room for as long as I get more subscribers to this idea. Everyone needs to be happy in this!

P.S.S. The reason why I am involving money in this is to have something that motivates  people to strive and give the best.

P.S.S.S. This idea is just to give those who wants to separate themselves from the rest the VALUABLE opportunity to do so. This Will Be Boom.

Yours Sincerely

Ralph Igwilo – the solutiontipster admin

I just want to help in any way I can.






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