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Last week, one of us suggested that we introduce subscription for anyone visiting this blog to curb the reckless comments made by most users. I understand  the innocence in his suggestion but I cannot adopt it because it will be an act of selfishness and thereby kill the spirit of individuals here especially those that are working so hard for our growth.

But I thought of something.. Something great!

What if I create a platform that allows exceptional performers in the house to be in one room with big boys/men who are willing to lose some token to get the best? The money realized will be used to adequately settle these exceptional performers based on their performance rank. This will make everyone sit up in order to get good pay for their effort and performance.

Breakdown of the whole idea….

The site/blog remains accessible to everyone free of charge.
Only registered members will be allowed to post a comment to reduce fake identity.
We will introduce two more topics – (Daily Tipster competition: Expert zone) And (Weekly football pools Bankers and Pairs With Experts in the house)
There will be paid membership – Only paid members will access the two new topics above. And the money received from these paid members will be used to pay the selected experts in the room. The room will also be freely accessible to these selected experts – they do not have to pay.

How To Choose The Experts………

<1> Daily Tipster Competition – Expert Room: Only top five tipsters will be allowed to post here. To start with, I will select top five performers since the inception of tipster competition in this blog – I already know them. They will be moved to the expert room. At the end of each new month, any of the tipsters that score the smallest point will be relegated to the public tipster competition while the tipster who won the public tipster competition for that month will be promoted to the expert room. It continues that way. Winner of Expert competition will get N10,000, Second position will get N5,000, the Third position will get N2000 and the Fourth position will get N1,000 while the Fifth position gets relegated to public tipster competition. The prize in our public tipster competition remains unchanged. This will go a long way in motivating the participants to research hard before they post game and also encourage more experts to join the forum. This, in turn, will bring high percent of winning and cordiality to the house, especially in the expert room.

<2> Weekly Bankers And Pairs With Experts In The House: Here, a group of 6 to 10 gurus in the house will be inducted into the room to post their best Banker, Pair Or Winning Line. LordBen, MoneyPenny, Pools Archive, Onyeka etc – I already know them. There will be full coordination in the house as the chosen experts will be allowed to post just one and only set of game per person in a week.  Also, there will be compensation plan for these chosen experts, like N500 per successful weekly post or thereabout. Anyone that fails to deliver winning banker or pair for three consecutive weeks will be relegated to the general weekly forum While those that win the 3 or 4 weeks banker streak in the public forum will be promoted to the expert room. There will be steady winning in this room, I have a strong feeling about that. I will also unleash my HIDDEN idea one can use to tap fully from the great gathering of these gurus – No pranks.

The Paid membership will cost any interested person a token of N1000 or $5 per month to join. The generate fund will be used to pay the Merited Experts and extra admins(yes, I am hiring assistant admins, before I quench) in the forum. this will ginger everyone to work harder and thereby improve the winning percentage of the room.

If you like this idea and is willing to participate, send “I Am Ready” to my phone number +2348174943732. If I get 30 to 50 text messages, I’ll implement the idea from next week.

P.S. I will keep on increasing the prize money shared among the Merited Experts in the expert room for as long as I get more subscribers to this idea. Everyone needs to be happy in this!

P.S.S. The reason why I am involving money in this is to have something that motivates  people to strive and give the best.

P.S.S.S. This idea is just to give those who wants to separate themselves from the rest the VALUABLE opportunity to do so. This Will Be Boom.

Yours Sincerely

Ralph Igwilo – the solutiontipster admin

I just want to help in any way I can.

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  1. Chris says:

    That’s is a good move,parting wt 1k for good pool info is nt bad at all

  2. philip O says:

    ADMIN. Your idea is not bad but we should be very careful in whatever we do. Blessed are the hands that giveth, I hope stakers in this forum will not misunderstood your suggestion. From what I have observed so far, no man is an island. Please united we stand,, divided we fall.. I think the area where we should work very hard is to identify those who are for this blog and those who are against it. All of us here in this blog are beneficiaries. This blog is not a child’s play and so therefore we must be very careful how we separate the boys from the men. I suggest a situation whereby we stick strictly on one banker. Those that have been very outstanding, can be given the opportunity to post a winning line and one banker. PHILIP O.

    • OK.

      The idea came as a result of most people complaining about the numerous posts in the house here and about people that post different games at will. The truth is I find it difficult to discover some of them due to the crowd of comments coming in and I’m sure it’s going to escalate more as the season is just starting. I wanted a room that will house only the best that will be paid for motivation while others will also work hard to belong there. Where i can easily coordinate the activities of those that are merited to post there and things will work better. I can’t foot the whole bill alone.

      Our normal weekly forum here remains intact, rewards and everything still the same.

      If you prefer us having only this thread. I’m okay with that also.

      I’m open to more suggestions. Majority carries the vote.

      Like I said earlier.. If I get 30 to 50 text messages that says I’m ready to my number +2348174943732 I’ll go on with the idea bcos 50k can cover the bill but if I don’t get the number of texts, I’ll simply know that you reject the idea. We move on.


  3. Francis Akpan says:

    Dear Admin, this is a grt ideas, it will make everyone to reasons well. I will drop my 1k period. Yrs FREEMAN-01

  4. Akpokiniovo ThankGod says:

    Nice one administrator!

  5. Admin my humble suggestion is, don’t acknowledge any post of game without a proper prove, hw can someone post his/her game withouta proper prove… Thanks

  6. queen bishop says:


    • Those posting won’t pay to access it. It’s only non contributors who want to belong to the group that will pay.

      Yes.. There’s going to be username password everything. It’s going to be automated.

  7. Emmanuel T. Dennis says:

    Admin, what a noble idea. Please waste no time at all to implement it. As for me I am in on this.

  8. Godwin Uke says:




    • I can reduce it if i get many interests. Though I don’t think 1k will be too much for the result the group will yield.

      With the ideas I’ll share on how to use the platform profitably. I believe it’ll be very helpful.

      Fingers crossed though.

  9. Jackson P says:

    Mr Admin, be VERY CAREFUL what you are about doing. If someone Posts more than one winning line,You supposed to be part of the blame..REASON–As the admin,you have given ORDER to the house to post One banker/a winning line…and you have the right to approve One banker/One winning line from members as contained in your ORDER.but you keep approving their post knowing fully well that such person has posted earlier..I used to know a site that was growing until this kind of separating men from boys entered and it all collapsed.becarefull not everyone is happy that this your package is growing..better stick to your ORDER of One banker/one winning line per person..than what you are planning to do..

    • By the power bestowed on me as the admin of this blog, I refuse to raise my voice.. Lol


      Your wisdom is quite overwhelming for knowing fully well that I intentionally approve posts from those posting multiple games. Well done.

      Let me stop there.

  10. John says:

    Dear Admin, I highly appreciate your effort and expertise in the handling of the forum. I am very elated. Sir, I do view the house, but to pick game here always very challenging due to numerous post. It is in this aspect touching on the proper order to make that the forum respectfully entered and grant an expert zone. Therefore, I am in support of the welcome development with readiness to contribute a token of N1,000 only per month. But I don’t want to be a member. Just to view alone. Thanks and remain bless.

    • Yes.. To view you’ll be logged in as a member with your username and password.

      The idea is..
      The chosen contributors (based on merit) will have access to the expert room free and will be posting there while non contributors who have interest in the idea will be the one to pay. The money realized will be used to settle this contributors if not for anything, for their data subscription and to stay motivated. Aspiring contributors will also have to focusely work hard in this public room to qualify for promotion to expert forum.

      Apologies for any typo.. No time.. Lol

  11. John says:

    With respect Admin, what’s the method of payment and to commence it.

  12. John says:

    Is noted, Sir

  13. Goodevening Admin, ur idea is a welcome development but make a provision for non member to access on it ordinary but nt to post anything of a such there.

  14. Moneypenney says:

    Admin , remember sometime ago I called u and complained about people postin Multiple post and u told me is a blog and it has to be interactive and now ur eating ur own words and now is it not laughable! however I wish u good luck in ur future endeavors !

    • Why not get someone around you to explain the difference between blog being interactive and individuals posting multiple games?

      You expect the forum to not allow people interact with themselves and clarify issues? Does that in anyway translate to permitting people to post multiple games? You have been interacting with pool archive and others since morning. How would you feel if I don’t approve those your interactions just because I want one person one post?

      That’s the problem with people, when you want to carry out your selfish thought and get blocked you start acting up.

      More of these insolent texts/comments from you and I’ll delete you from the forum.

      I can get angry too.

    • St Olive says:

      @Admin what a hash tune! delete @Moneypenny for Ginikwa?? I see,now you mean business!!

      • I believe you saw his reply? That’s minor compared to what he’s been sending to me since morning simply because i blocked a selfish post from him. In this blog, i belong to everyone and at the same time belong to no one – in PMB tone.

        I don’t want to emphasize more over the issue. I decided to explain a bit just for those that will start judging without knowing the root of things.

        Tagging himself the best brain in a website that housing over 30,000. what has he done that we can’t get someone who have done it in this blog? i have been pampering and petting him since last week and that makes him take my cool for a fool.

  15. t man says:

    a very good ideal

  16. Moneypenney says:

    u want to delete me from the forum cos I told u were it pinches , cos I told u the truth , u think I’m scared of you , I’m the best brain in this blog , BELieve That!

    • buchai says:

      @moneypeny.God resist the proud and give grace to the humble,its becuse admin pamper u people here u felt u are indispensible,how many times have u presented a wining line here.

  17. crest says:

    admin, thumb up for your good ideas. But remember you are our father, please let there be mercy in your Justice. Take it easy with Moneypenny. I beg you….We too must direct our words well to respect our admin. Everyone should take note. admin pls we are sorry

  18. St Olive says:

    @Admin ur idea is not bad though,but I strongly believe it won’t work out that way because nobody is a guru or a genius when it comes to pool betting. you get it today,tomorrow you fail woefully besides how sure are u that these men you choose would deliver because I have been following this blog at the time it was created and I think I know their performance in the house making me to believe that nobody knows it all when it comes to pool betting,we all try our luck. pls don’t misunderstand me,I never said they are not trying of course they are but am scared. One man,One good,sure and clear banker would help in solving the problem. And again,Pls we should not be too fast to give out our banker or a pair without been too sure of it. I mean our best convinced banker & a pair would make us happy.

    • Noted sir. Not misunderstanding u at all as far as you air your opinion maturely.

      There are few persons i know that never go two to three weeks without appearing on champion’s board. That’s what we are looking at, not someone that produces winning every single week. It doesn’t exist even in Cardiff. The same with tipster competition, some few persons always appear at the top every single month. They are the experts pundits.

      We can scrap the idea if it don’t work though. But i have a feeling it’ll spur people to work with stronger determination and in-turn yield positive result.

      Your opinion is well thought.

  19. SURE BANKER says:

    My honourable admin the idea is great but i suggest the money should be reduced to 500 naira, and you should also be aware that they are new people that are extremely good in this site nobody should be judged by past glory. As for moneypenny pls as much as i respect you so much i would advice you to take it easy and always respect the admin for HE ALONE is the best brain in this blog and not you.. Its not easy to have something like this and also manage people with their different behaviors and mannerless attitudes..

  20. Okechukwu Onyeka Franklin says:

    Gr8 idea 4rm u, de amiable Admin. I whole-heartedly fall in love wt ds initiative. I confidently believe dt wt ds strategy, we shall be able to make it at least 2 times every month. But on d aspect of d selected contributors, I wish to suggest dt each person posts jst a banker/pair. But if a winning line must be included, then, let it be just a NAP (xAxBxCx), wt d person’s most trusted banker indicated eg. NAP- x24x27x47x (CBK *27*). I so much believe in RIVALRY and CRITICISM; dz two things can always spur sum1 to gr8ness. De Boss, may God continue to shower u wt more wisdom. Remain blessed.

  21. Baymaster says:

    Kudos Admin, I like this rebranded idea and believe it will yield better dividend to the masses. It could also get improved overtime after being tested. Admin, kindly look into the possibility of working with #500 for the first month so that people can see how it goes.

  22. splendidsolo says:

    great idea…but must be handled with care.. be guided by the number of alert you get after the first month not the number that say I concur without backing it up with action….I smell ‘ RAT’. WISDOM and divine direction needed. peace!

  23. gudmorning my able admin….u remain 1 man i will always respect bcos of ur sense of maturity in handling issues….As for me ur new idea is gud but did u also notice dat since u made d site accessible to everybody, we now hv new performers…in pool business nobody is d best…if anyone tink dat he is d best, i beliv by now shuld hv built a castle…..donot rush to implement dis new idea….just gv it sumtime…i rest my case…

  24. EJIKS. says:

    I don’t like proud people, and at the same time no body has the best brain when it comes to forecasting, Therefore, the goal of this great forum is to be informative, objective and reliable, but there is no 100% percent guarantee that, even with the best advice available (proofs, best brain), you will become a successful punter because nobody has it all or has what it takes to be a successful punter.
    So my Admin, please keep it up, i will send you the money

  25. SURE BANKER says:

    No sir am not the one

  26. Ifeco don kc says:

    Great idea… Admin this is nice. This will make everybody here serious and bring out their best.. Not posting plate number….

  27. LORDBEN says:

    LORDBEN IS READY……. my blood dey hawt… start it nw nw so dt i can unleash keys….

  28. Golden Nap says:




  29. Pools Archive says:

    Please be aware that whatever you share is in the public damain and your interactions should be such that are geared towards building up instead of casting down. Admin,
    your adeas are lofty and I admire your humility a lot,I hope to be back soon to have the opportunity of meeting you one day. Monneypenny,
    you are a highly respected user of this blog and at no instant will one expect you to think of quiting the blog. See it as a means of extending hands to your fellows, especially those that may not have the privilege of giving you in return instead of serving self. But it is reckless if not appalling to claim yourself the best brain. Let’s assume it came as a result of heated emotion and just move on hand in hand. We have seen some who claimed expertise to themselves here already, but once they come up here and try to sell games to back their claims we discover that their best brains only works in the historical. Please calm yourselves and let us work hard to improve our lives here. Thank you all.

    • you’ve spoken well Archives.

      I dare not despise anyone bcos for me, everyone here is important. I should have buried the issue behind the scene in the first place just like many others.

      Thanks for your matured advice.

  30. jassyjames says:

    U guys are too much may God strengthen every one here n give us wisdom n favor to get it well bcos d hardship is much but pple are surviving through dis means. so my brothers n sisters lets do it well for d benefit of every one. Dede Admin biko nna let ur mind b cool like ice oooh. thou d posting is too much like me i dnt kw d one to pick every week i waste money bcos d multiple numbers are much. Lets join hands n do somtin about it tanks jessy james.

  31. felineno says:

    My chairman admin pls reduced to 500 naira, I am in for 500 naira thank u

  32. Nwabudike uche says:

    Oga admin, I have been thinking lately on how to be of help in sanitising this forum, to be honest with you, you idea is great. Oga MoneyPenny please take it easy, you are good but accord the admin some respect. I am an I .C.T expert, I will give you some idea.

  33. Jamal daniel says:

    Aahhh! My Admin this is just d best idea! Who says it won’t work. Just wait and see. And another tin is dat it will put more money into the pockets of d best forecasters here because people will also look out for dem and subscribe wit dem. People won’t have to post dreamt games either! Lol. All d same it will work.

  34. STEPHEN says:

    Good job the amiable ADMIN of this great blog. I used to tell my friends this is the best blog i have ever come across in terms of FOOTBALL POOL. The idea is really good but please kindly think twice before doing this Sir. So now if you dont subscribe you dnt have access to view FOOTBALL POOL FORCASTING thread? The same goes to first time comers………..they cnt view without memebership payment. I am not against the idea but i dont think this is gonna work.

    • No no.. The football pools thread is free and will always be free to any anyone. The only one that one has to subscribe to view is another new thread that will be created. In the thread, only few selected individuals who have proved to be good in pool forecast through their performance in the normal football pools weekly thread will be giving the access to post there. One post per person.

      Just read the whole write up again and you’ll understand better

  35. Toseno says:

    Dear Admin,
    I have been into pool jst a few yrs and believe me this is d best site dat av visited. Although its sumtyms confusing to see 200 comments and few winning line at d end of d day, i stil come back to this site week afta wk. The idea is noble but do u think it will be successful? One of the reasons why this blog is always active is becos its free, asking pple to pay will reduce d patronage n besides dere is no guarantee dat d choosen forecasters will deliver always. This will led 2 pple grumbling n some will start insulting you. Moneypenny, pool archives, alwaysgood, onyeaka f. Etc are gud forecasters but d don’t deliver wkly n d truth with bought games is dat u usually stake higher dan ur normal staking ability. Even d poor forecasters in dis forum av a purpose. For eg if i see godswill obufara post and i av his digits as a strong draw i will quickly rush n remove it becos i knw 90% of d tym, it will not play even with d well polished prove. Lastly those dat visit d blog regularly knws hu is performing pple lyk somag, amachree n d rest of dem r all silent performers. I think personally dat d one banker system n pair wich u put in place is excellent trying to enforce it shud be d nxt big thing. I knw d volume of work u do here is much, more grease 2 ur elbow but i beg dat u think twice b4 implementing d 1k subscription.

    • No problem sir.

      The number one thing is that no pool analyst, compiler, forecaster, whatsoever delivers week in week out. We’re only looking for a way to force winning line for like two to three times a month.

      This questionnaire stuff proved that there are a lot of people who are willing to part way with 1k monthly to get a combined game from the proven best hands in the blog without having to scroll through the near 300 comments or more…

      Since the normal football pools weekly banker and pairs thread will be on and ever available to everyone freely. I’ll implement the streamlined and confusionless thread for this majority that wants it.

      I am sure the benefit in it will spur the contributors to give their best best. But if on the contrary, it didn’t deliver to my taste I’ll quickly scrap/abolish it.

      Still thinking of benefit to give early comers

  36. St Olive says:

    @MoneyPenny there’s no best brain in the house,I could remember there was a time when people like Golden Nap,Uncle Sam,Tarari,Isaac and so many of them were making wave then and upon that I don’t see them as the best brain behind the blog. So my brother don’t be too sure of that because u are not. I have to reply Admin over deleting stuff because I felt that real men don’t talk much,yes i know people must definitely bug you to do what you don’t want to do but when that comes you do nothing than to hold yourself as the real man you are. forget the trash and forge ahead will make you a champion.

  37. Sir hennesy says:

    Admin i respect ur decision, but on de issue 1k 4rm everybody is a step backward.remember every individual here is a mere forecaster & pool is 100% fixed and is computerizing & tricky this days. Every wk, we have more than 250 comments, yet no good results at the end. If we dont play pool with fixed key,then how do we expect to win pool. In conclusion,i am suggesting that atleast 150 persons should pay the sum of #2000 to the admin so that he will purchased a seasonal key 4rm one of the top pool forcast papers & only paid members will have access to the blog .pool is 100% fixed & we need genuine info to win pool. 4rm sir hennesy abuja.

    • Please I never said 1k from everyone.. Make una try to understand my write up na. This is optional on a special new thread that’ll be created to fit the purpose. Our original thread on bankers and pairs will remain ever free for all and sundry. Again, not everyone that visit this blog is a forecaster, some are here to get the best game and play. They don’t know how to forecast.

      As for 150 persons paying 2k each to get key.. Good idea, but do you have a source you can vow for? I’ve bought keys (even one they use to inscribe inside motivational book) and join different programs. Yet to get what I needed.

      That’s why I’m on for this idea. If you don’t involve money motivation, most people won’t bring out their best. We’re all selfish to some extent. In one way or the other, we do ask that innermost mind question “what will I gain from doing this?” anyone that can’t afford/risk the premium thread should keep on with our original thread. It will still be as hot as ever since only not more than 8 merited persons would be allowed to post in the premium thread in order to meet the purpose.

      The main target is to help get us the winning we crave for.

  38. Sir hennesy says:

    Nice idea able admin, so when will the payment commences and which method!

  39. frank says:

    am new here and I cn see DAT u are doing a great job pls he will one get sure game here is dere any room for dat

  40. speedometer says:

    Oga admin do what best for the forum.1k is ok

  41. oil boy says:

    admin though I like the idear but I want to know if the payment is frequently every months?

  42. oil boy says:

    ok but ur site is populated by populism I suggest 5h to enable must of us,how about that my great?since is frequent bcus there will be a time bankers always fail since the subcription is less we will keep on,in thesame platform you introd the room new let star with 5h there after if we hav good outcome you can increase to Any level?

    • I intend posting sure pair i pay (with my friend) to get weekly in there.

      1k is not much for a subscription that covers both pool section and football betting section compared to what people pay out there.

      Also, there’s no guarantee that it will be a daily success stuff. the intention is to maximize profit.

  43. oil boy says:

    ok boss your wish is originally made am just suggested right.

  44. Kod says:

    Am new here. I hve d key for ds English season. Not for sale. I will be helping d house every week for one banker to win in bet9ja. Starting from wk 7

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