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Good morning friends.

If you registered on www.sportalys.net and is having or had issue using their site and yet to figure out the solution, kindly call me and I’ll assist you.

If you encounter any technical issue, simply call thier customer care representative to assist you; their number is on the contact page of thier website. If they delay your request, kindly call me and I’ll relay the complaints to their Oga on top.

For those that do not know about Sportalys , they are the only betting company in Nigeria that offers their site users the opportunity to stake football pools coupons as well as normal football betting slips on their website using a single bet account. Their payment odd is also among the best you can find around considering the fact that there are more non-jackpot weeks in pool. For an instance, last week 49 where they played 17 draws on coupon, sportalys paid their winners the odd of 20 to 1 while other promoters were paying 5 to 1.

If you would like to join them, go to sportalys.net/register

My number 08174943732

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