As we grace into Australia season, and in connection with my strong will to make you smile. I feel the need to share this idea so that like minds will join me.

Please ignore if you fear risk.. And no murmuring too…. Lol

I need just 8 like minds. .

So in week 43, i happen to grab the contact (after serious tracking of him) a certain cunning man use  to win pools regularly in my area.

I made the contact and keyed in.. Won 3/5(2/3 NAP)  week 44, 3/5(2/3) in week 45 and week 46 lost 2/5(1/3 NAP). Sorry, posting the game here means violating their terms and conditions. The blog is quite popular now. Only few people who are close on calls/texts got it.

I won’t go deep discussing details of them bcos of the blog’s popularity. One of their agents might be reading…. Smiles. But if you’re in Aba or lives within, surely I can discuss details if we see.

I trust them 100 percent in English season (delivering 3 out of 4 weeks in a month isn’t child play). I already saved a date with them next season.

Australia is a different ball game, it can turn a guru into a rookie….. But, They promised that the goodies will continue. The membership fee is considerably high and I can’t swear for them unlike in English season. But i really want be part of it because they delivered in my last try. I resorted to the less risky part..

Let’s play their game from week 47 to 50. The four weeks is enough to conclude whether to go on. The price is N40,000.

If 8 persons pay it.. And it delivers, each of them lose nothing and wins big. If it didn’t deliver, the lose won’t be much unlike when only one person does it.

5k times 8 persons give us 40k.

Doing it in crowd in dangerous, that’s why we should be only 8.

Please if you are ready to contribute #5000 for us to secure the subscription from week 47 to week 50. Kindly text me @ 08174943732. I’ll send you my account details.

P. S. I won’t reveal any confidential details about this club. For those that wants to know everything. If you’ve come close to someone that belong to a pool club. You’ll understand I’m taking risk talking about it here. But this is my blog, if I win big at backyard and non of my followers benefited. I haven’t make any impact.

Doubting Thomas – kindly stay put, I’ll be dropping one match from their weekly game as freebie banker. Don’t contact me for games afterwards, I’m not a NAP seller. Or I end up charging you exorbitant for allowing me test the river deepness alone…. Lol

If you believe, text me 08174943732.










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