Think Business, If You Want To Make It Big With Online betting – A Must Read

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Hey guys, what’s popping?

Just felt like writing.. There’s gold through the passage to the end.. Do not stop reading halfway.

It is required that before you start your football betting journey to success- i mean ensuring you don’t go through any month without some profits, you MUST be willing and able to:

• Understand and follow betting as a business and not gambling. A gambler is characterized with greediness and wants to win everything at once, while a business bettor is always conscious of profit for as far as it is coming in on a daily basis. One who bets on. a match of say, 1.50 odds on daily basis and is consistent at producing winnings will do far better than he who always goes for the big ones, accumulating too many matches at once. Say you bet N10,000 daily; if you are consistent enough to win up to 25times out of the 30 days in a month. Now, N10,000 x 1.50 gives you N15,000; N15000 minus your staked capital ( N10,000 ) is N5,000; N5000x25days will give you N125,000 as a part time monthly income while you keep on with your regular job. But the gambler prefers wining the N125,000 in a day through accumulation; and invariably ends up the whole year without any tangible some of money to show off with while the business guy keeps on raking his profit daily. You see the difference? That is BUSINESS! Think BUSINESS! Football betting market is a business.

• See it as a MUST-DO: You must research thoroughly on your chosen matches before you place your bet. You don’t just pick matches at random and then place your bet (you might win it, but that doesn’t happen often. We’re talking of a reliable betting pattern here) and expect to succeed on the long run; such attitude leads to an ultimate failure. Always spend some couple of minutes/hours touring leagues in order to get the best from them. It pays a great deal to research properly, you will be encountering sure bets with large odds and will be leveraging on them. Make it a task to research properly, if you must succeed. My experience. If you are not too familiar with how to analyses matches, click here to get my eBook tutorial guide now. You can get it for N3,000 instead of the normal N5000 until month end.

• Discipline yourself. Safe control is a virtue. Remove every form of greediness in you if you must succeed in this business, going for the big ones had sent lots of big brains in this field packing. You must learn to avoid long accumulations. Place your bets as singles and doubles or at most, trebles (I bet on doubles alone).

• Do not look at odds before you choose your bets, do your researches well and select your banker matches. When you get to the bookmaker’s site, place your bet. From my experience, I have lost several bets due to the quest for matches with higher odds. Always bet on your bankers even if they have lesser odds. Concentrate on winnings.

****you must have a football betting market that you are a master in (your niche). I often bet on under 1.5 goals in first half and over 0.5ht goals, and some times include home wins or Home wi either half (HWEH)

In summary, the rule, is, approach online betting as a business, do a handful of research before you select your bets, remove greed if you must succeed on a long run.


Any question? Ask it here and we’ll discuss it when i’m back…..


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