Sportalys – The High Payment Solution Stakers And Bettors Are Looking For

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Sportalys.net – Could They Be The High Odds Payment Solution Stakers And Bettors Are Looking For? 

If you are searching for football pools betting company that pays a considerable odd irrespective of too many draws on coupon, then you have to read to the end. I will explain both the pros and cons.
It’s apparently one year now since I joined sportalys betting site and the experience on the average has been fair enough. They are specifically known as the first betting company in Africa to center their real-time betting opportunity on football alone; no other sports market. And unlike other bookies in Nigeria, they give users the opportunity to stake pool coupon the way it is done in local offices. It is perhaps, a golden opportunity for someone like me who hates being seen in local pool offices.  

They separated themselves from other bookies by offering completefootball pools coupon for their users to stake on. It is like the conventional coupons we see in local offices; simply click on crazy odds from the menu in their website and you will be taken to the week’s coupon page where you will stake your games. Click here to read the step by step guide.

They have fixed odds for payment of winning in the following range:
1 to 12 draws on coupon; they pay 80 to 1
13 to 16 draws on coupon; they pay 40 to 1
17 to 24 draws on coupon; they pay 20 to 1 and finally
25 draws and above; they pay 1 to 1.

Another good feature of the website is that users can stake their “cannot draws”, home and away wins or any other betting market based on the 49 matches listed on pools coupon for that week. Just click on “pools bets” at the menu on the website and the 49 coupon matches for the week would be available for you to stake on. It’s simple.

Apart from offering football pools market, they also offer bookie markets where you can stake your normal online bets in their website. Thus, they simultaneously serve the purpose of a bookie and that of a pool promoter. Having compared with other top bookies in Nigeria, i can conclude that their betting odds is also one of the best.

What about payment of winnings? Well, I’ve been paid within their promised 48hrs hours on each occasion I made withdrawal request. I will therefore affirm they are in for serious business.

But there’s just one thing that bugs me; any week of jackpot draws I get short paid due to the 80 to 1 stuff. It’s obviously annoying but since there are more non jackpot weeks(less than 10 draws on coupon), I believe I profit more. For an instance, last week 40, they played 15 draws, I got paid 40 to 1 on my 5/6 winning while other promoters paid 10 to 1 or at most 20 to 1 to their winners. 

Though winners get less payment on jackpot weeks, there is evidently more to gain  since there are several more weeks of 11 draws and above on coupon. In addition, they endeavor to kill stakers fear of non or late payment of winnings by paying their winners within the stipulated time. If you are looking to avoid annoying payments when there are more that 9 draws on coupon, www.sportalys.netwill serve a good option.

You can direct any question to me in case you have any issue using their website or more better, use the “contact us” menu in their site to speak to their customer support.

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