How To Stake Your Coupons At Sportalys

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For those that will need it, here’s the steps.

  1. Go to their website and login if you are already registered or click Sign up (located at top right) to register.
  2. After login, click on “Crazy Odds” from the menus and the football pools coupon fixtures for the week will appear.
  3. Click “Play Now”.
  4. Mark the numbers you wish to stake on
  5. Scroll down to bottom of the coupon and type the amount you wish to stake in the box below total stake.
  6. Click on stake and you are done.
Now before you can stake successfully, you need to fund your account. It is simple to do. Just click on “deposits” at the site’s menu. Or read Step by step guide to fund your Acc here
I will also write the step by step guide if the need arises.

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