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Firstly I’ll like to thank most of you who showed concern about the recent happening in the site. I appreciate your calls and messages. God bless you.

Secondly I want to apologize to those I deleted their posts in the thread especially those who wrote the truth they know about my identity and that of every other person using this blog to post especially Uncle Sam. I value your posts so much, it’s just that I decided to delete every post that’s not associated with digits to be played this week. Please Forgive me.

Now.. Please Read Carefully.

SEE THIS BLOG AS A POOLBOOK: Please note that this blog is not created for one person alone (As of today this blog generates average daily visit of over 9500 humans). You’ve to bear in mind that both good and bad is hovering around. You’ve to be convinced about who you want to work with.


As far as I’m concerned, everyone is allowed to post comments both nap sellers and those that posts free games. This Is because I believe everyone is important; everyone is coming with opportunity. I’ll only be against anyone selling games if he don’t drop atleast one banker or pair in his post. I’ll ban him if he continue.

Grambling is a thing of those from 18yrs upwards. So I don’t want to start lecturing you on how to determine if someone you want to do business with is genuine or not but you’ve to trust someone from the free games he give; you ascertain the stench of faeces with nature of fart of the defacator.

To those posting free games, you’re not alone. I’m a witness; trust me, once your game plays, you’ll be wowed with phone calls next week. You’ll be appreciated by some good guys around…

Once again, see this blogsite as poolbook, just like Facebook, everyone is allowed to post. It is left for the Admin to ban spammers.

The only place I won’t entertain nap sellers for now is stakersforum


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