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Good day.

In my quest to get the best for my followers in this blog and forum,  I came up with this.

Many of us cannot be able to lay their hand on pools betting genuine booklet due to the high cost of getting them. But if you merge your fund you can acquire one and share among yourselves.

I would have made this post before now but I decided to monitor the company’s performance before I conclude whether to go on with them or not. But when you see over 15 people writing testimonials about a particular thing then you know it’s worth trying. I’ve monitored them since week 4.

The booklet contain 7 current keys that will play throughout the season and pairs for each of the four color weeks. The price is N50,000. But here’s  what I want to do.

I want 9 people that will pay 5k each and I’ll complete the money and acquire the booklet. Then I will duplicate and and send it to each of you. Even if I get 5 interested people I’ll still complete it and buy the booklet.

If you are interested, kindly call 08174943732. Anything you want to confirm. I would’ve chose to purchase it and resell for high price but that won’t please my spirit. I want anyone who is keen to be able to get it.  No matter what, I’ll acquire the booklet before week 10.


Note – Anyone that calls for the booklet after week 10, will have to pay 10k before he/she gets it.

Please call now if you’re interested to book for space. You can then pay later. I won’t work with crowd. 9 persons is enough.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I ll like to gamble on this, how can I make the payment ?? This my number 08050516041

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