My primary aim for opening this blog is to create an avenue through which stakers will leverage from the multitude of opportunities in gambling world. To create a platform that will ensure that stakers are always gaining something meaningful from pool/online betting business.
Those who followed this blog throughout last season will testify that a week hardly passes by without my pairs on this blog producing result. That is a goldmine for a savvy staker like me; that pairs alone if well utilized can make one a millionaire. I am going to take you to money with those pairs this time around.
To make it sweeter, I have added two more good heads to my team so that we shall be contributing one pair each week for the whole season. THREE SETS OF PAIR EACH WEEK
I chose to work with pairs rather than bankers because I want to make sure this is a winning team. THE IDEA WORKS PERFECTLY WITH PAIRS

Pay attention.
Here is my plan for the coming English season, both pool stakers and online stakers.
I wish to form a member group that will kick-off in week 4; the start of the upcoming English season, for interested person to join.

The members of the group will be receiving three set of pairs each week in the member group area. I will teach you how to make steady profit with the pairs, read on.


As the owner of, I do get regular contact for games, from both those who want to make a sale to or through me and those who wants to share with me. 
Whenever good key arrives my office, it will get to my members first. It is a promise.
Also, as you all know, i provide online betting tips. Each time i have a special banker or two, i will post it in the member group area for all to bet. That is to make sure we enjoy the whole stuff to the brim. Precisely every wednsday and Sunday.

There are two ways:
>>>> Online Betting
>>>> Pool betting

For online betting, the person will place single bet on each of the 6 numbers that make up the three pairs. Even if only two plays draw, you will still make profit for the week. For instance, let’s assume the odd is 3.20 each for the six matches, and you bet N1000 on each single, total of N6000. After the matches, if only two plays, you will win N1000x3.20, equals to N3200x2, equals to N6400. If three draws, you win N9600, it continues. If you are rich enough to start with N5000 stake on each single, you will make between up to N18,000 WEEKLY and N300,000 to N500,000 by year end assuming you continue betting 5k each week and do not withdraw from the account. But if you keep increasing your stake as your fund increases, you can make up to N800k before year end. Even if you start with N500 stake, you can still be increasing your stake as your fund is increasing, that way you’ll make more than 100k before year end. You just need to be principled and obey the rules of the betting i’ll talk about in the member group. I will teach every other idea you will need to succeed with this method in the member area. 

For pools betting, I will arrange the three sets of pair as 3/3 nap in eight different ways such that if the three pairs produce one draw each, one of the 3/3 nap will win. See example; let’s assume the pairs are (1/2), (3/4) and (5/6). The naps will be (1,3,5),(2,4,5),( 1,4,5),(2,3,5),( 1,3,6),(2,4,6),( 1,4,6),(2,3,6). Provided all the pairs produce one draw each, one of the naps will win and you’ll win jackpot. Don’t bother about how to arrange it, it is my job. I will be doing it for you each week. For this method, you are guaranteed to win 3/3 at least once in a month with our member group. It will cover all your expenses and give you good return for the month.

How To Join
Simply pay a membership fee of N10,000 that will last for the 21 weeks from August to Dec. That is, if you pay now, you will be a member of the group from August to December (five good months).

Want to join for only one month? For N4,000, you can benefit from the goodies that will be going on in the inner group for a full one month.

You choose which plan to go for.

P.S. This is the only time you can pay this cheap to join the group. Once the number of members increases, we shall increase the membership fee to its normal value or close the membership door. The membership access fee is cheap compared to the number of months it will last; that’s just to make it accessible to all that will earnestly desire to get in.

P.S.S. All that paid money into my account during the two times I demanded for money on this site, I have not forgotten you; my aim for bringing up this blog is not to extort from anyone, you can join this group on a discount of whatever you paid then to my account, 5k or 3k. I still have your phone numbers, just text me with the phone number we used to do the transaction. Like I said, I lost with you; I even lost more in those keys (from Edisco Pools) but that’s by the way. The mistake will not be made again; i am taking full responsibility of our program now.  It is a marathon, but I am prepared to win it with you. Those of you tha was around during last English season can testify about the authenticity of my pairs. We will make something huge from it this term.

We have to announce this arrangement early in order to get you prepared for it. You can pay now and then raise money to start the betting as soon as the English season kicks off.


For More Enquires and account details 
Text – 08174943732

We are waiting.






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