How to fund your Merrybet at the nearest ATM terminal with your ATM card.

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Due to the complaints I normally receive from people concerning how they could easily fund their merrybet account. There are actually various ways you can use to fund your merrybet account but I’m going to explain only one in details here.

Ways of funding your Merrybet account are:

>>>Through their agent office  

>>>Through bank deposit

>>>Through their voucher

>>>Through your credit card (visa card, master card, verve card). To do this, log in to your merrybet account and click on deposit, when the page loads, click on
interswitch. Enter the three numbers at the back of your card in the space you will be required to put your cvc.

>>>Through the nearest ATM machine around you.

Here are the required steps to fund your merrybet account using an ATM machine.

>>>Insert your ATM card in the machine and enter your pin

>>>Select “Quick Teller” or “Other Wallets”(at GTbank ATM machines) and press “proceed”.

>>>Select “Pay Bills” and press proceed.

>>>Insert any of these codes based on how much you wish to fund.

50801 – N500

50802 – N1000

50803 – N2000

50804 – N3000

50805 – N4000

50806 – N10.000

50807 – other amounts( you will be prompted to enter the amount).

>>>Enter your customer ID. To know your customer ID, log in to your merrybet account and look at the top right end, you will see it under your username.

>>>Verify whether the name of the beneficially (merrybet) and select “accept amount due”

>>>Enter your phone number to receive confirmation text and the press enter. Your account will be credited immediately.

 Good luck with your bets

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